Week 8


Goscha(31) Vs Peytavin(37)


Goscha: I’m not 100% sure how to spell Peytavin so apologies if it’s incorrect Lance. The game was fine, but we lost due to being the less in shape team. Well, we could have shot a bit better from every place on the floor but that’s about it for the game.

The real story is the return of “Toes” AKA Scott Grassman. He chose to sit on the side of Peytavin as he nurses his Achilles back to health. He was always hopeful to be a part of that team and after having drinks with them tonight I kind of understand. Bunch of cool dudes that like to drink and talk noise. We’re officially trading Grassman to Peytavin for a future draft pick. He needs to be with his buddies as they send off Lynn to go be a sex slave in Kentucky. Based on Lynn’s wrestling skills in tonight’s match she’s going To have her hands full. Truly happy Lynn found love after telling him two years ago something Breyer is in front of you as we drank in Denham Walk Ons.


The Lynn moment is a lead into the next piece. The count when I left walk Ons after two hours was 18 Legends to 1 open leaguer. Jeez these guys don’t understand the importance of real community. I respect Team Kelly on multiple levels but above all I love that his team always shows up at the drink wagon win or lose. Team Peytavin will win it all this year and you heard it here first. Sorry to anyone that can’t see it as Goscha can. Also show up and drink a beer with your buddies. You never know what a little chat can do for someone else.


Peytavin: Team Peytavin (TP) was down their captain and Cooper, and everyone knew they needed to step it up this week.  It was a good sign when 3 of the 6 available players were at Walk On’s ahead of the game, to watch the Bengals and to get a little motivation.  Grady took this a step further and used his Bud filled body to manhandle the bleachers at LSD to clear the way for the upcoming battle.  Team Goscha (TG) even had Scott Grassmann (and his toes) on hand to make sure they stayed focused on getting back into the top half of the league standings.


Both teams came out firing and left the first quarter tied.  Big first half scoring contributions by Eddie Price, Stephen Henry, Lynn Johnson and Grady Savoie, along with great defense and assists by Tim Parrot and Matt Hunt, helped TP take a 5-point lead into the half.  The scoring for the second half is a little skewed because the book shows TP held TG scoreless in the 4th, but we know there was at least 1 Lato 3-pointer made after a mis-interpreted whistle blow.  What we do know is that Eddie took over for TP and added 10 second half points to lead TP in scoring with 14.  It was a hard fought game by both squads, and lots of pitchers and limes (Goscha) consumed at Walk On’s after the game.  We weren’t sure if Open had any games this week because it was only Tate holding down the fort for the first couple of games.  Some Open reinforcements came after some of the later games.



Lambert(38) Vs Kelly(29)


Lambert: we won so I don’t have to do a write-up

Kelly: Team Kelly only had five players, but that wasn’t the problem.  Team Lambert came out with a “freak” zone.  Team Kelly was confused and couldn’t get any traction against what seemed to be five whirling dervishes. Hudson Lemoine stands out as the most annoying dervish of all.  Lambert D, coupled with some good offense (Lambert, as usual, working off  an infinite number of  picks, Pitre hitting 3s) resulted in a 16-0 beginning early in the second quarter.  At that point, Kelly said, “Screw this, let’s go get beer.” But unfortunately, we had to continue playing.

Brent Graham did start hitting threes for Team Kelly (5 of them) and the final score sort of looked respectable.  Congratulations to Team Lambert for playing a very good game.

Missing: Peltier, Plaissance, Philipps



Levesque(40) Vs Smith(32)


Levesque: Team Levesque defeats Smith with a well balanced offense and strong defense. TL had 6 guys with 5 points or more. Holding Team Smith, the highest scoring team in our league to just 32pts was fantastic.

Smith: win or lose, I’m not doing a write up



Dartez(44) Vs Mansur(28)


Dartez: we won so I don’t have to do a write-up

Mansur: Starts out well with an 11 point first quarter.  Macha and Morel leading the way with 4 each.


According to the official book we are leading 19-18 at the half. Score Under scrutiny from my team b/c we have never had a lead at halftime and really aren’t sure if that could possibly be correct.


Obviously playing with the lead is not our forte.  We score 6 points and give up 14 and start to run out of gas again playing with only 5.


We score only 3 in the fourth and mercifully they stopped the game early.


Too much Achilles Mardi Gras for Kurt and myself and not enough subs was a bad recipe for success.  We hung tough but didn’t finish.  Outscored 26-9 in second half.


Great game by Duggie, Demo, and Macha.



LeDoux(37) Vs Dukes(27)


LeDoux: Well our opponent was coming off a 60+ point outing with some guys said to have been hitting 3’s while eating a sandwich all the while Team L was able to reintroduce one of our premier perimeter players in Kenny “from downtown” Carr back into the lineup after suffering a gruesome calf strain injury while playing tennis in his spare time (between basketball games). With that and two other players including the captain coming back after missing a week we figured we were in for a low scoring affair. And just as Dak and the Boys were turning the ball over on the gridiron both Team L and Team D on the hard wood, none would disappoint! And to keep it interesting for Team L Fortenberry wore a valor jumpsuit to keep it interesting. He claims he wore it because it keeps him “grounded” and it did that for the first half. But with all of Team L’s Rust and Team D’s hot outside shooting (previous game) and great athletes, we were able to muster just enough defense to pull out the W in this low scoring game!

Wasn’t our best performance by a long shot but I can’t say enough about our defense and the ability to adjust on the fly. Plus we had the “Netted” goal for the second half and were able to play “Real basketball” in the second half to finish the game. Team L 37 & Team D 27 I believe was the final.


Dukes: Before looking at the book I assumed the third quarter was our downfall since we only scored 2 points that quarter. But after looking at the book I realize it was the 2nd AND 3rd quarter that did us in as we combined for 6 points over those 2. Brutal.

The first half was similar to old school 80’s style Knicks/Pistons basketball, low scoring and lots of fouls. Team Dukes believes the paint is ours. We own it and you’re not welcome to visit. We want that smoke, try us. We lead the league in fouls for a reason. That being said, Captain LeDoux was spotted with an ice chest pre-game which I assume was loaded with treats for the refs. That’s the only logical explanation for TL getting 17 free throws to our 6.

Even after our 4-point outburst in the 2nd, we were still only down 2 at the half. For the second half we got stuck with the rim with a net hanging on for dear life. Obviously, some kid at LSD has learned he can jump high enough to grab the net and well, this is the net he practices on. It took us a quarter to adjust to this unsightly net and by the end of the 3rd we were down 8. I think we may have cut the lead to 4 at one point but we just ran out of gas and lost by 10. I hate losing but holding TL to 37 points is a minor victory for our defense.