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Flag Football Players of the Week

Matthew Desselle – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

November 1, 2023

  Matthew Desselle: Your Ochsner POW for week 9. Matt capped off his Season TD crown with 2 more touchdowns and a pick against the outmatched Team Pearce, leading his team to a 28-12 rout.

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Justin Navarre – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

October 24, 2023

  Justin Navarre: Your Ochsner POW for week 8. Team Navarre capitalizes on every mistake and crushes Team Deselle, let by their team captain with 2 touchdowns and a pick.

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Austin Heine – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

October 18, 2023

  Austin Heine: Your Ochsner POW for week 7. Austin helped Team Deselle knock off Team Aillet with his 2 touchdowns, interception, and crucial 1st down catches. Team Desselle left with the win with a final score of 20-7.

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Eric Nicaud – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

October 11, 2023

Eric Nicaud: Your Ochsner POW for week 6. Another POW coming from Team Faircloth, as they shut out Team Aillet thanks to the pressure from Eric Nicaud. Eric finished the game with 2 sacks and 2 batted balls.

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Craig Ourso – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

October 4, 2023

Craig Ourso: Your Ochsner Player of the Week. Team Faircloth carved out a victory over Team Deselle 19-13, led by 3 touchdown passes from Craig.

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Lucas Leblanc – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

September 27, 2023

Lucas Leblanc: Your Ochsner Player of the Week. Team Aillet shuts out Team Leblanc 21-0, on account of 2 picks and 2 touchdowns from week 4 POW, Lucas Leblanc.

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Kyle Hebert – Ochsner FF Player of the Week

September 19, 2023

Kyle Hebert: Your Ochsner Player of the Week. In a dominant 34-7 win for Team Holaway, he sent 4 passes into the end zone and punched in a rushing TD for good measure.  

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Past Champs

22 Champs - Team Pevey
2021 Champs - Team Garrett
2021 Champs - Team Garrett
2020 - Team Hebert
2020 - Team Hebert

2022 Flag Football Rules

BRAAS Football follows the most up to date NIRSA Rule Book except for the following:


Unsportsmanlike Infractions: After the first unsportsmanlike penalty, the player will be issued a warning. A second unsportsmanlike penalty or infraction will constitute an ejection from the current game, as well as the next game (including the playoffs), REGARDLESS OF THE SPORT.


In other words, an infraction in flag football will carry over to basketball season through volleyball and softball season. If a third infraction occurs, the member will be suspended from the league in which he is currently participating for the remainder of the season through the playoffs. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the member may be considered for expulsion at the recommendation of the Board.


Any individual(s) involved in any physical altercation is subject to immediate ejection and may be subject to further discipline, including any additional suspensions, at the discretion of the Board.


If an offensive player lines up missing a flag, the play will be allowed to continue but the result will be a live ball penalty.  Should that player have possession of the ball, play will be stopped when the player is touched by the opposition.


If the flag belt turns while the defensive player is attempting to pull his opponent’s flag, the ball is ruled down where the belt was turned.


If a player loses a flag while running with the ball, the ball will be down when and where the player is touched.


Once the QB crosses the line of scrimmage, he cannot come back behind the line and throw a forward pass.


A team can lateral behind the line of scrimmage as often as it wants, but only one forward pass is allowed.


An interception on an extra point is a dead ball.


Neither the half nor the game may end on a defensive penalty.


Regular season OT: Each team will have one possession (4 plays) from the first cone (20 yd line) to score. A coin toss will determine who has the choice to defend or receive the ball first. If neither team scores, the team that gains the most yards wins. If no yards are gained, the game ends in a tie.


Playoff OT: Same as above except a team must score to win. If still tied after two OTs, the teams MUST go for a 2 point conversion each possession.


An interception can be returned (run back) in overtime but not on an extra point.


Only BRAAS supplied flags will be allowed.


Non-BRAAS supplied footballs will be allowed as long as it is an approved high school, collegiate, or professional ball inflated to the proper weight. The National Federation of High School rules state that the ball must weigh between 14 and 15 ounces and inflated to a pressure of 12-1/2 to 13-1/2 pounds per square centimeter. The weight and/or pressure of the ball will be left up to the discretion of the referee. If one team uses a certain ball, the opposing team may use the same ball.


A defensive player cannot cause an incompletion by making contact with the offensive player or ball once the offensive player has contact with the ball, nor can the offensive player prevent an interception by doing the same. Simultaneous contact by both players is legal since both have a right to the ball.


The ball cannot be forced from a player’s hand by the opposing player in any circumstance.


Center/QB exchange: If the ball touches the ground prior to reaching the QB, the ball is dead where it touches the ground.


There is no requirement for the number of players lined up on the line of scrimmage immediately prior to the snap. Only the center is required to be on the line of scrimmage at the snap.


Spot of forward fumble: If a ball is fumbled forward, the ball is dead where it lands. If it lands in the opposing team’s end zone, it is a touchback. If the ball is considered to be fumbled forward on purpose, it is an illegal forward pass and a penalty will be called.


Juggled ball: A player is not considered down until the receiving player has full possession of a passed or lateralled ball. Thus, if the receiving player’s flag is pulled while they are “juggling” the ball prior to gaining full possession, they are not down until tagged after gaining full possession.


Sacking the QB: A QB is considered down if he is de-flagged or tagged prior to the release of the football. Timing of the release is the judgment of the referee. If the QB’s arm is in motion, but he still has possession of the football when he is de-flagged or tagged, he is considered down.
Inadvertent whistle: The offense gets the choice of either: (1) replay of the down; OR (2) take the result of the play and the ball is spotted at the point when the inadvertent whistle has blown.


Substitutions: A team may use as many substitute players as necessary to field the minimum required for a team. All substitute players must be of equal or less talent as the replaced player, and the opposing team's captain must give his consent. There is no penalty for using substitute players, i.e., there is no automatic forfeit.
Referees have final judgment on interpretations and judgment calls. The referees are primarily responsible for all rule interpretations and judgments. The referees may consult with the football commissioner or assistant commissioner (whoever is present) for any rule interpretations. Thereafter, the referee's decision is final.


Shorts with pockets ARE NOT PERMITTED. You will not be allowed to play with pockets.