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BRAAS 2021 Basketball Rules



  • Each game will have four 10 minute quarters
  • Each team will be allowed 2 Time outs per half
  • All standard basketball rules apply if lines are present (3-point line, back court, shooting fouls, etc.)
  • Players subbing into the game should check in to the scorer’s table prior to entering the game. Subs can ONLY enter the game on a dead ball.
    • In the event of a team subbing during a live ball, that team will be assessed a technical foul and the opposing team will get 2 free throws (captain’s choice of shooter).
  • The clock only stops in the final 2:00 of the 4th quarter and during time outs. The remainder of the game is played with a running clock.
  • Remember the 50/50 rule. Every player should play at least 50% of the game.



  • Any player receiving 5 personal fouls will be fouled out and removed from the game.
  • Any player receiving 2 technical fouls in the same game will be ejected. That player will also be suspended from the next game, REGARDLESS IF THE NEXT GAME IS A PLAYOFF GAME.

o   NOTE: Article IV, Section 2 of the BRAAS Bylaws also applies. The Bylaws can be found on the BRAAS website ( For ease of reference, Article IV, Section 2 provides (emphasis added):



Section 2.           The primary principle in all BRAAS sports and activities, whether official or unofficial, is DBAD (“Don’t Be A D!ck”). This principle requires good sportsmanship and character in times of victory and defeat, no matter the circumstances or outcome. While it is understood that competition brings out varying emotions and the desire to win, the overriding principle of DBAD is always paramount. Failure to consistently uphold this principle may subject any BRAAS member to expulsion from the Club.


Generally, any BRAAS member may be removed from the Club for any conduct detrimental to the Club’s principles, irrespective of any ejections, suspensions, or other infractions listed below. A 2/3 vote of the Board is required to remove any member under these circumstances. The member shall be given a reasonable opportunity to explain his actions to the Board prior to the vote.


Specific rules and consequences for unsportsmanlike infractions, technical fouls, red cards, ejections, and the like are governed by each official sports’ rules. Those rules should also include reporting requirements to the MSC for any such issue or violation.


Nevertheless, an ejection from any game in any official sport warrants a suspension from the next game—regardless if that game includes the playoffs or is the next calendar sport—and a meeting before the Executive Board. The time and manner of that meeting is left to the discretion of the Major Sports Commissioner. The suspension is only served if that person attends the next (suspended) game. Failure to attend the suspended game warrants a continuing suspension until the attendance requirement is met.


            If, after the aforementioned ejection and suspension, a member receives yet another unsportsmanlike infraction, technical foul, red card, ejection, or the like during the same official sport, that member is suspended for the remainder of that sport’s season, including the playoffs. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the member may be removed from the Club. A 2/3 vote of the Board is required to remove any member. The member shall be given a reasonable opportunity to explain his actions to the Board prior to the vote.




  • Overtime will be played with the game clock turned off. The winner will be decided by the first team to score 5
  • First possession will be determined by the possession arrow.
  • Each team will be allowed 1 time out in overtime.
  • A team that enters overtime in the bonus will remain in the bonus during the overtime period.