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PLEASE NOTE: Mango’s is a family environment, so please remember the number one BRAAS rule: DBAD!! You will be carded for profanity or any physical confrontation. Ejections, physical confrontations, and the like may disqualify you from future games/playoffs and subject you to dismissal from the Club. You have been warned.

Pertinent Rules:

  1. DBAD! Respect the refs, your opponents, your teammates, and everyone else at Mango’s.
  1. You must have at least 2 players on your roster present or your team forfeits. That is, you can’t have more than 2 subs.
  1. The same sub rules as last year apply. The sub rules are MANDATORY. Captains are not permitted to derogate from these rules, even if both captains agree. Failure to comply with the sub rules results in a forfeit to the offending team.

For the A league, a list will be posted at Mango’s of every player in the league, based on where they were drafted. You may sub up to 10 spots better than the player you are subbing for. For example, if the player you are subbing for is #52 on the list, you can replace them with any player ranked #42 or higher (42, 43, 44, and on up).

For the B league, all players drafted 150 or higher may freely sub for one another to allow those captains a larger sub pool.

For the C League, anyone can sub for anyone.

  1. Subbing for Playoffs: If your team loses an eligible player for the playoffs, you must let the volleyball commissioners and Beav Smith/Brett May know as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to find a replacement who is not currently on another team and is ranked worse than the player you lost. You cannot improve your team by picking up a sub. Replacements must be approved by the commissioners. Replacements must play at least 2 games to be eligible for the playoffs.
  1. As always, each player must attend at least 50% percent of his games to be eligible for the playoffs. That applies even if you are injured.
  1. If you cannot field a team, for whatever reason, and must forfeit, it is the captain’s duty to immediately notify the opposing team’s captain and his league’s commissioner. DBAD with the timing of a forfeit! 1 member of the non-forfeiting team must still show up to the ref stand to receive the win for that night. If neither team has at least 1 player present at game time, the ref will flip a coin to see who will receive the 2-0 win.