Welcome to the 41st year of the Baton Rouge Ancient Athletes Society (“BRAAS”). I am humbled and excited to serve as this year’s President and I have a sincere appreciation for the 40 men that led this great organization before me. The vision and determination of our previous Presidents are unmatched. I aim to carry on a tremendous legacy of leadership and uphold the high standards of BRAAS.

As we continue our fight against Covid 19, please know that the leadership of this club will work tirelessly to provide you the best experience possible for you and your family. I hoped we would be past it by now but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Board Members, Commissioners, and many others step up daily to organize and plan every aspect of your experience inside of BRAAS. I thank them all in advance for the energy and effort. With that said, you must do your part to get the most out of this club by participating. It has been echoed by many people before me but “you will only get out of this club what you put into it”. Be active in the club, come out and meet new people, sign up for sports but most of all… fellowship with your BRAAS brothers. From the letter of Neil Juneau, “Embrace the social side of the club, give back at every opportunity, support your brothers businesses and most of all have fun”.

This year we will have over 25 social events that include sports drafts, family nights, longneck lunch clubs (LLC’s), and a multitude of social gatherings that include families. Do yourself a favor, when available, bring your significant other and family around. The more included they feel, the better your BRAAS experience will be.

This year, the incoming rookie class includes 15 full members, 4 social members, and 2 mini members. Thank you to the sponsors for nominating a very strong class. The task of selecting was not easy. 

Lastly, I want to thank our membership for another strong showing during the renewal process. Nothing speaks to the kindness of this club more than the continued contribution to the BRAAStrong Foundation Fund. Through membership renewal, we were able to raise over 10,000 dollars for BRAAStrong. What an effort!!! Remember that the BRAAStrong Fund was created to assist BRAAS members facing hardship or tragedy in his life. Ideally, we never have to distribute funds but more often than not, that is not the case. As a flood victim in 2016, I was brought to tears by the generosity of our Brothers before us for their donation to this great cause. With that said, we will hold a few more events during the year to benefit BRAAStrong, so be on the lookout for those.

 As many of you know, I hold this organization and its members in the highest regard. I am honored to serve as your President this year and look forward to the challenge.



Patrick Walker

BRAAS President 2021-2022