Welcome to the 39th year of the Baton Rouge Ancient Athlete Society (“BRAAS”).  It is truly an honor to serve as this year’s President. I’m also extremely grateful for the groundwork and vision of our BRAAS founders who created and laid the foundation for this organization 39 years ago. The bar has been set high, and my goal is to uphold the high standards and spirit of BRAAS.

The continued success of this club would not be possible without the leadership and support from our volunteers, commissioners, board members, and Past Presidents. Below is this year’s Executive Committee (“EC”) and Board members. Madison Mulkey is this year's Past President; James Peltier is Vice President; Patrick Walker is the Major Sports Commissioner; Austin Fontenot is the IT guru; Zac Love is the Social guru; Tony Ruiz is the Treasurer; and Jordan Faircloth is the Secretary. I thank them in advance for their efforts.

As you know, we have either a game or social event almost every week throughout the year. As such, we are always in need of volunteers, so please reach out to me or one of the other Board Members to offer your assistance. Any help is appreciated!

This year we will have 19 incoming rookies, as well as 3 prior members that were reinstated, bringing our total membership count to 384. Please come out to the 6-on-6 draft this Wednesday at Mockler Beverage (7 p.m.) and welcome them to the club.

Further, the brotherhood and camaraderie found in BRAAS is truly unique, which is evident in what we have been able to do through the BRAAStrong Foundation. Created in 2015, the Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for any BRAAS member facing serious hardship or tragedy in his life. As a club, we have raised over $150,000 to help many of our “Brothers in Need.” Thanks to the generous contributions of our members, we have already raised over $7,800 with the membership drive just this year. We will have numerous fundraising events throughout the year, including the volleyball and dodgeball tournaments, wine dinner, and raffles. Be on the lookout for details as they come out.

Again, I am honored to serve as President of this exceptional club this year and look forward to a great 39th year. Thanks again to the many volunteers that will make this happen!

Neal Fortenberry
2019-2020 BRAAS President