BRAAS health is a collection of BRAAS members that are in health care and wellness who have graciously and willingly stepped up to offer any assistance/expertise in their respected fields. These men have agreed to be listed on our website under our BRAAS Health directory, to offer any of their BRAAS brothers advice/assistance if they have a medical issue or question.

The guys on this directory are on it because they want you to call on them. If they can be of assistance to you or your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

More than a directory we are looking forward to setting up medical screenings, access to information and coordinating future blood drives.


Because we have a resource in our membership within the healthcare community that should be accessible to all BRAAS brothers and their families. You don’t have to know any of the guys on the directory to reach out to them, they still want to help.

I am truly excited that we are expanding BRAAS in ways to better the lives of its members and that is the main purpose of BRAAS HEALTH.

The Board is grateful for the men that have stepped up to make this possible, even though I didn’t have to convince anyone to do be a part of this, it is greatly appreciated.

**If you should be/want to be part of BRAAS HEALTH please let me know so I can add you**

In Health,

Ryan Evans

BRAAS Health Commissioner (self-given title)


Matt Williams, MSNA, CRNA

Cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia at Our Lady of the lake for 7 years. I also do Anesthesia at the Spine hospital of Louisiana and some plastics. I will be able to do the anesthesia for any BRAAS or family member if having surgery when I'm working. I can also line up anesthesia providers if not working to make sure you or your family member gets the best care. I can also answer any anesthesia or surgical questions you have. If you need recommendations on surgeons I can definitely help with that too as I have worked with just about every surgeon in Baton Rouge.


Phone: 225-572-5142


Madison Mulkey, JD ACHE, Chief Operating Officer, DPI Anesthesia

Know many surgeons in the area as my people work with them every day. Can help expedite appointments if there are long delays in getting scheduled. Primary contacts at Bone & Joint, Spine Hospital, Ochsner and Zachary area.

Phone: (225) 803-9573




Lance C LaMotte, MD Interventional Cardiologist, Baton Rouge Cardiology Center

I received my Doctor of Medicine degree from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans in 1995. Following medical residency at UAB, I completed a general cardiology fellowship at the Texas Heart Institute/St Luke's Hospital in Houston. After 3 years of practice, I returned to UAB for an Interventional Cardiology fellowship. In addition to general cardiology, I currently focus on complex and high-risk coronary stent procedures, emergency cardiac care, and minimally invasive cardiac procedures, including radial cardiac catheterization, and transcatheter valve replacement. Additionally, I am one of four certified Watchman implanters in the Baton Rouge area, which is an implantable device used as an alternative to blood thinners in patients with atrial fibrillation.  I have previously served as Chief of Cardiology at both Our Lady of the Lake and Baton Rouge General hospitals and actively remain on staff at both. My hobbies include fitness and golf. I am available as a resource at any time should there be questions regarding you or your family's cardiovascular health.


Office: 225-769-0933

Cell: 225-413-9817


Critical Care

Kevin Reed, M.D. Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine

Phone: 225-333-2153




Scott M. Pecue D.D.S.

I have practiced General Dentistry (Family Dentistry) in Baton Rouge for 35 years.

I'm available to discuss/treat any dental concerns you may have.  If referrals are needed, I will help coordinate the process with local specialists.

Phone: 225-293-3966




John Brantley MD at Calais Dermatology Associates

Dr. Brantley was born in Washington, D.C., but moved to Baton Rouge at a young age. After graduating from Baton Rouge High school, he attended Louisiana State University where he played basketball in 1969-1972 under Coach Press Maravich. He obtained his medical degree from L.S.U., New Orleans in 1975. He performed his internship at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge and completed his dermatology residency through L.S.U. at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Dr. Brantley started practicing in Baton Rouge in 1980.





Ben Goff – Neuro/ Neurosurgery EEG

I am a certified Neurophysiologist Technician.  I monitor the central and peripheral nervous system during complex brain or spine procedures.

Over the last 15 years, I have monitored over 4,000 surgeries for many Neuro/Spine surgeons in and around Baton Rouge.  I’m willing to help with any information I can pass along.

Phone: 225-454-9719




Robert D. Blair, CEO at The Spine Hospital of Louisiana at The NeuroMedical Center

Rob has helped numerous BRAAS brothers and their families over the years with the diagnosing and treatment or back pain, spine surgery, pain procedures, brain tumors & neurological issues.  In addition to our nationally ranked surgical hospital, our campus specializes in the full array of neurological care, including NeuroPsychology, NeuroRadiology, 32 MD Clinic and a Rehab Hospital.  Although I hope you never need my help, I can help expedite appointments and treatment, when you find yourself in a dire situation.

Mobile:  225 810 2957




Samantha Prats (Allen) MD, FACOG at Louisiana Women's Healthcare

Dr. Prats is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist with Louisiana Women’s Healthcare in Baton Rouge. Areas of interest include preventative care, infertility, intimate wellness, and minimally invasive surgery.


Work: 225-201-2000 or 225-201-2010 


Occupational Medicine  

Jeremy Jenny PA-C Core Occupational medicine/Family medicine


Phone: 225-892-8922



William T. Varnado, MD Louisiana Hematology Oncology Associates

Dr. William Varnado is a medical oncologist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He completed his undergraduate degree at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge before going on to receive his medical degree from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans. Dr. Varnado completed both an internal medicine internship and residency at Louisiana State University Health Baton Rouge. He also completed a hematology/oncology fellowship at Birmingham Hospital System through the University of Alabama.

Phone: 225-324-0672




Patrick Arcement PA-C at Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge

Phone: 225-270-9563



Tom Rathmann Chiropractor Rathmann-Richards Chiropractic Clinic

Phone 225-802-4455



Micah Richards Chiropractor Rathmann-Richards Chiropractic Clinic

Phone: 225-936-4381



Physical Therapy


Robbie Bolton – Owner/PT at Evolve Physical Therapy.

Phone: 225-931-8269



Keith Fogle PT at Our Lady of the Lake

Phone 225-993-1057



Tejas Vora PT at GO physical therapy

Phone: 225-773-0757



Primary Care

Jason May – Administrator Neighborhood Health

Our clinic Neighborhood Health can offer immediate in person appointments for all BRAAS members during business hours. We can also provide afterhours telemedicine for all emergent patients with expedited ER referrals if needed after hours. Once care is established patients can utilize telemedicine to update and refill prescriptions if needed after hours as well.

Phone: 225-445-2185





Nate Black – Alpha Sports performance / Blackout (Trainer)





Taylor Murphy PA-C at LSU Urology

Specialize in both outpatient and inpatient urological services including Men’s Health, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, kidney stones, vasectomies etc.  I am the head clinician at LSU Urology at Our Lady of the Lake and work in conjunction with Dr. Stephen Vick of BR Urology and Dr. Jason Bridges of OLOL Urology in Gonzalez. I am happy to answer questions or expedite any appointment you may need, as I work directly with several urologists.

Phone: 225-615-0375




Ryan Evans RVT RDCS RDMS – Vascular Ultrasound

Has worked for multiple Vascular surgical groups in Baton Rouge for the last 14 years in outpatient and inpatient settings. Credentials in Vascular/Cardiac/Abdominal ultrasound. Currently working for CVT surgical center at OLOL. If you need to talk to a Vascular Surgeon I can arrange it. Anything ultrasound related I am knowledgeable.

Phone: 225-603-4369

Email :