Dartez 45 vs Kelley 27

Dartez Recap started this year on a positive note with a convincing win against Team Kelley (without Kelly). The game started as expected as both teams tried to knock off the rust and understanding each players role.  Team Kelley took  a 9-5 lead after the first quarter but, that was probably the only good news the team had last night.  Eddie Carreras (Team Dartez) took over in the 2nd qtr. hitting 4 threes many from way beyond the arc.  With a tenacious defense and great movement on offense, Team Dartez never looked back and extended the lead coming out of half time.

Team Dartez exhibited a well balanced scoring attach led by Carreras and Warde in double figures and most everyone in the scoring column.  My concerned going into the game was if there were enough basketballs to go around as we have many players that like to shoot.  But, we showed good team discipline in passing the ball and screening to finding the open man.  This alone gives me hope we will be competitive this year.

As mentioned, Team Kelly took a commanding 1st qtr. lead behind Cooter running  the offense.  Obviously, with Kelley this would have been a more competitive game.

Kevin Kelly

Out of town. Will send write up next week.

Phat 50 vs Lambert 43

Phat Recap Team Phat Wins 47-41( is what I was told)…

We had a very good start to game with multiple buckets from Davis and Caro, going up by double digits after first quarter.   The second quarter saw Team Lambert bring the game to within 5 or so.  Third quarter back and forth.  There were some timely baskets by Prust “the Elder”.   Barbay was beast all night and kept the refs aware of what fouls were actually on him.   Spans was handling point guard duties with I think zero turnovers.  Overall team defense was strong.  In the end some more timely baskets from Caro and Davis sealed the deal for Team Phat!!

We had only 6 and they had only 5 so bench rest was not offered.   Much laughter was shared pre-game when it was shared that I would not make the game tonight!! But that was all part of my captaining and my team learning, there are gonna be nights that Phat doesn’t bring his usual “A+’” game and I’m gonna need them to step it up in my absence!! Well the best way to teach that is week 1, my teammates are flippin ballers!!! Beware guys- we are only getting stronger and better!! Especially when #Poundem comes back!! 1-0!! Who’s next?!?!?

Out- Phat, Hondo

Team Lambert Recap N/A

Team Lambert played with 5 and it showed. We needed the extra bodies. We did not get off to a good start and it does not go unnoticed that the 2 top scorers (Davis and Caro) in our league were against us and specifically guarded by Lambert (or rather not guarded). I was proud of our team for fighting back in the 2nd half to tie the game at 41. Good passing and clutch shots from Eues and Erwin with good all around play from Crick and Fugua, but it was not enough. Team Heroman played well without their captain.

Fortenberry 28 vs Pitre 38


Fortenberry Recap

Game got out of control pretty quick with tempers flying high on both sides.  This was an ugly game of basketball for sure as we probably had more turnovers and fouls than points.  Guessing we were about 2 for 12 from the line as well.  Hopefully we knocked all the rust off and will be ready for next week.  Only highlight of the night for us was Lee Veenendaal scoring on a couple of Abul-Jabbar sky hooks.  Credit to Team Pitre as they came up with clutch shots all night long.


Pitre Recap In the nightcap of the first weekend, Team Pitre came out on top of a physical game 38-28 over Team Fortenberry. Levesque hits some early shots to give us the early lead. Madison Mulkey took over the rest of the way and hit some good shots with 8 points in the 4th quarter and hits 6 clutch free throws to seal the win. We had balanced scoring with Madison leading with 14 points, Levesque, Pitre and Mike Depaul each had 7 points.

Reitzell 38 vs Lato 28

Reitzell Recap It was a slow start as everyone was getting their rust off and legs moving. Team Lato got up to a early 7-0 lead led by Naquin hitting some tough shots. Reitzell was bricking some open looks in the first but then hit three 3’s in 2Q and Dean added some nice driving baskets to get us back in it. Second half team Reitzell pulled away as Team Lato had only one sub and we made some defensive adjustments and our shots started to fall. Tommy Lato tried to keep his team in it in the third with some nice 3’s but they ran out of gas. We have some things to work on as a team (free throw shooting) but happy with our start.


Lato Recap Team Lato played great defense but just wore down by the end of the game.  With our 2nd and 3rd pick out for the first game, we fought hard to stay in the game. Naquin led the way in scoring and rebounding throughout the game.  Fruge banged in a few 3’s and Lato contributed a few as well.  George Lato, John Burke, and Jim Yegge created many turnovers and hit the boards for Team Lato.  We were down by 2 going into the 4th quarter when Reitzell was throwing the ball over the back of his head with his eyes closed and drained 4 – 3’s,  Team Reitzell had a balanced attack with several players putting points on the board.  Can’t wait till we have the full band together

Lockwood 38 vs Miller 35

Miller Recap Team Miller forgot that the ball was supposed to go through the net in order to get points for the first 5 minutes of the game. Lockwood shot out to a 7-0 lead, but we managed to claw back and take a small lead at halftime. We maintained that lead for much of the 3rd quarter until a defensive lapse allowed Lockwood to go up by 3 or 4. We tried to come back in the 4th but they played solid D and secured the victory. Goscha was a large presence inside, and I feel like they had pretty balanced scoring. Ledoux, Joel Davis and Ourso were our top scorers.

Lockwood Recap Team Lockwood came out guns a blazing for 7 quick points.  We quickly cooled off and Team Miller fought back and made it a great game. Tight all the way to the end.  With Tullier making great passes for easy buckets and Goscha fighting big time in the paint.  We played pretty decent defense rotating players on Ourso and Ledoux, while Goscha and Miller locked up all night.  In the end a balanced scoring attack led by Goscha and Tullier as well as our suffocating defense allows Team Lockwood to escape with a victory.

Out- Jim Phillips