2021 BRAAS Fall Fishing Tournament Details:

Where: Spillway, Lake Verret, Jack Millers. All public waters only.

When: Saturday, August 28; weigh in at 1:00, Spunky Monkey.

Rules, regulations, etc.:

  • Safe daylight will be lines in time. If there is a question as to what safe daylight is, it will no earlier than 30 minutes before sunrise listed for August 28th, 2021. You need to be in the Spunky Monkey parking lot NO LATER than 1:00. There will be a 1 pound penalty from 1:01-1:10, another from 1:11-1:20. Later than 1:20 and you are disqualified. Should you have boat issues, or any other occurrence that delays you, please call me.
  • Please wear your PFD when the big motor is in gear. Safety is paramount.
  • As always, there will be 2 divisions:

o   Bass – 5 bass limit, 12 inch minimum.

o   Panfish – 25 fish limit. Bream, sac-a-lait, goggle eye, chinquapin.

o   You can only win in one division (bass OR panfish), with regards to total weight.

o   Booby prize for biggest (by weight) trash fish. Amphibians and/or reptiles do not qualify.

  • Big fish prizes:

o   As part of the entry fee, there will be a prize awarded to the biggest bass and panfish weighed in each respective division. There will ALSO be extra monetary bets for the largest bass and panfish weighed. This $10/bet is strictly voluntary, and must be paid to me before you launch Saturday morning. If you want to place a bet for the biggest fish in both bass and panfish, you can place a $20 bet. Winner takes all for the extra big fish(es) bet.

o   Entry fees will be $50/boat. This is based on 2 anglers per boat. If you want to fish 3 per boat, the entry fee will be $75.

  • If you don’t want to fish, but want to come enjoy the food, sights, fish stories, prizes and beverages, please do so! To help cover costs, please pay the entry fee of $25.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, August 25.
  • A current member of BRAAS or Past President is required to be a partner.