• 2022 BRAAS 6 on 6



  • When:     Thursday August 11th @ 7:15PM
  • Where:    Mockler Beverage (11811 Reiger Road, BRLA)
  • Details:
    • Rookie Introductions @ 7:15; draft immediately following
    • Food Provided by BRAAS Brother Cody Miranda & City Cafe
    • 22-23 Shirts available for pick up!

6 on 6 Competition:

  • Where:     PARDS Northpark (30372 Eden Church Road, Denham Springs)
      • Look for the BRAAS banner @ the entrance
  • When:
      • 6:45 AM – Rookie Set Up – Do not be late
      • 7:00 AM – Registration Starts
      • 8:00 AM – Play begins!
  • The rosters, schedule, and rules are on the BRAAS website: (Will be updated Thursday Night after the Draft)


  • https://www.brancientathletes.com/6-on-6/


    The rules are also posted on the 6 on 6 webpage.  KNOW THE RULES. They are different than standard rules. DBAD!


    After the competition ends, please join your BRAAS Brothers at Uncle Earl’s around 12:30 p.m. for the awards announcements, fellowship, and more “hydration.” PINK shirts/hats will be given to our last place squad. Don’t be a sore loser if that’s you! Many a BRAAS legend have had to wear the pink attire.


    Below is a checklist of items to bring:



    (1) Shoes (basketball, football, baseball, indoor volleyball) – NO METAL SPIKES!

    (2) Shorts – NO POCKETS!

    (3) Shirts – WHITE AND DARK ONLY; NOT gray, beige, lime green, light blue, orange, etc.


    (5) Sunscreen

    (6) Towel(s)

    (7) Equipment/clothing bag

    (8) Hat

    (9) Sunglasses

    (10) Good attitude (DBAD) 


    After-party: Uncle Earl’s (food provided)