Another successful 6 on 6 is in the books.  Overall it was a great day of competition and brotherhood.  Yes there were a few injuries (get well soon Ross LeBlanc and Aillet) and there will be countless bruises and endless soreness this week before we move on to flag football.


Great job rookies for surviving your first BRAAS event and great job helping out and cleaning up.  No complaints from PARDS.


Congratulations to Team Coogan for taking the first championship in Year 42.  (Coogan, Davenport (R), Alexander, T. Pecue, Levert, Percy, & Zole)



Team Pat Walker came in a close second – (P. Walker (41), Lipari (R), Schoen, Eaton, Pogue, Fortenbery (39) and Sanchez



Final Results were as follows:


  1. Coogan (510)
  2. Walker (494)
  3. Lanoix (475)
  4. May (424)
  5. Vora (422)
  6. Roussel (418)
  7. Box (412)
  8. McKee (389)
  9. LeBlanc (381)
  10. Pevey (370)
  11. Love (369)
  12. Linxwiler (351)
  13. Chuck (339)
  14. Calandro (307)
  15. Arcement (282)

And that leaves the team that took home the pink hats – Team Guillaume with 236 points. (Guillaume, Dugas (R), Moses, Ourso, Grob, Valencia and Pitre).



Another round of thanks is in order for Kerry Bueche for running this event and his band of volunteers for making the day run smoothly. Thanks to Zac Love for organizing the after party and lining up the food.   Thanks also to the team at Ochsner for providing us with trainers for the day.  From the radio chatter that I heard they remained busy.


And another Happy Birthday to Jason Landry – nothing like 150 of your best friends showing up for your birthday party.


2022 BRAAS 6 on 6 – that’s a wrap!!!