Team Phat 40 vs. Team Lato 32

Team Phat: sucked less than Team Lato! Timely scoring and runs from Steve
Davis and Godfather Prust put us over the top! Great defense from Barbay!
#PoundEm! Wafer and Spansel sealed the victory for The 3-0 1st place Team
Couple of Game Notes from Sunday Night.
1. That Gym is the BEST lit Gym in America!!
2. The floor was Super clean- squeaking on every cut all night!
3. Did I mention we’re 3-0 ?!?
4. Cuendet still thinks Popeyes drive thru / customer service  can be
5. When Faircloth wins a Seat on the Bench he’ll make a much better Judge
than Captain
6. Hood is the only “Open League” player that consistently shows up at
Walkons with all us Legends!!
7. Open League still Sucks
8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all y’all dbags!

Team Lato: First of all I want to throw a quick shoutout to Lee Veenendaal.
He lives across the street from PARDS and close to the Messenger house.  He
has done an outstanding job decorating for Christmas and everyone should go
see the attraction, especially if you have your children or grandchildren.

I have to say we are getting better.  We have always played good D,
However, we have not had a full complement of players since we started
playing and it showed.  Tonight against Team Heroman,  we started with 6 and
in the 1st minute of action, George Lato went down with a pulled muscle.
The game was tight and in the 3rd quarter, we either tied or possibly took
the lead, but delirium took over and we started to wear down.  Andy and Rodd
led us in scoring with 10 each and worked the boards hard.  Andy was
introduced to Barbay down low.  John Burke hit some nice shots for us and if
it wasn’t for Steve Davis on Team Heroman,  we would have had a chance.  I
think he had 60 or something close.  Our 3-2 match up zone worked well on
everyone except him.  Looking forward to a few weeks off and getting all of
our injured players back in January.  As Kelly taught us last year, it’s
about the playoffs……of course this is coming from an 0-3 team.

Missing: Price, Yegge

Dartez 53  vs. Reitzell 32

Team Dartez: This being the last game before the Christmas break, both teams
were not at full capacity. Reitzell was missing much of his team and picked
up Tullier to fill a starting 5.   Dartez had 6 missing, including point
guard Carreras and power forward Landry.  Team Dartez came out of the gate
strong taking a commanding 18-5 lead after the 1st quarter and never looked
back. This was a fast pace, sloppy, run and gun game with limited defense.
Team Dartez exhibited good passing in attacking Reitzell on multiple 3 on 2
and 2 on 1 fast breaks, what a beautiful site watching my team passing
selflessly, it brought a tear to my eye. We also exhibited a well balanced
scoring attack with all 6 scoring; 3 in double figures led by Dartez and 3
with multiple baskets.  High point, I was really impressed with Sepeda’s
tenacity in playing strong defense, blocking out/rebounding and especially
going in hard to the hoop.
All-in-all it was a good win without facing Reitzell’s best.
Out- Carreras, Landry

Team Reitzell: We only had four players and were fortunate to have my nephew
Tullier sub for the first of his three games in The Dungeon. That gym really
sucks and I see now how fortunate Legends league was last year. Team Dartez
got out the gate to a big lead and never looked back. Our team continued
their streak of abysmal shooting with our lone highlight being Cuendet’s
season high of 7 points. Page and Dartez worked us over from every spot on
the floor, when we would shut them down St. Cyr and Haggai picked up their
slack. Hope to have the band back together after the Holidays and
Yellowstone soap opera is over and my team can refocus and prioritize. We
got three weeks to get some cardio and shooting practice in. No where to go
but up!

Team Fortenberry 55, Team Kelly 54

Team Kelly, playing with three players and two fill-ins had the lead most of
the game, but lost near the end.  The fill-ins were Page Warde and Jodi
Tullier- thanks to both of them.  Chris Shaheen played well for Team Kelly-
hitting a number of threes.  Ward poured in a bunch, but he’s not on Team
Kelly, so I don’t want to dwell on his fine play.  Captain Kelly played like
a stiff old man and was a liability, at best.  Team Fortenberry is full of
fast active players, led by Reggie- who dumped in a whole bunch of points.

The gym is a depressing place to play- glad we don’t have to go there
anymore.  And I think Team Kelly will be on the rise after Christmas- so the
rest of the league better be prepared! Hope everyone has a great Christmas!
Absent: Geatrau, Waitz, Mansur, Hunt, Marcantel

Team Fortenberry: Solid win this week vs a short-handed Team Kelly who had
to pick up a couple of subs to field a team.  Team Kelly’s Shaheen and
reigning MVP-sub Warde knocked down some early 3’s to take a 5-point lead at
the half.  Team Kelly started wearing down in the second half and our
defense was able to create some turnovers that led to some nice transition
buckets.  Reggie & Hurst knocked down some clutch 3’s in the 4th quarter to
close out the game.  Reggie played lights out and led all scorers with 23.
It was a great effort by our entire team.
Out – Roper

Team Lambert 32  vs Team Lockwood 42

Team Lambert: A short-handed Team Lambert (thanks Scott for filling in)
played hard with a good start early and jumped to lead. Eues and Crick led
the way.  Team Lockwood slowly came back to take a lead with some good
shooting from Bueche, Tullier and Ringe (and Goscha is a beast down low). By
the time the 4th qtr came they pulled out to a 10 pt lead.  The preseason is
over and cannot wait until the full squad develops some chemistry. Everyone
have a great Christmas/New Year break.

Team Lockwood:  Another rough start for team Lockwood shooting the ball.
Luckily team Lambert only had 5 so we were able to wear them down as the
game went on.  Through three weeks I think our defense has been really good
and if I can keep Jody from playing two straight games prior to our game we
will be okay.  Timely scoring from Kurt and Joey continuing to control the
paint led to some easy buckets.  We have to cut back on turnovers moving
forward (by we, I mean me.)

Out Smith

Team Miller 54 vs Team Smith 23

Team Miller: Team Smith only had 5 which ultimately worked to our advantage.
Both teams started out slow in the first quarter, but held about a 12-6 lead
going into the 2nd. We gradually pulled away after our shots started
falling. Ledoux led us in scoring followed by Joel Davis and D Mo. All
around good passing got us some wide open shots. Defensively we focused on
Dornier, who was their leading scorer. We held him to almost 20 points, he
hit numerous long range 3s. Very pleased to be 2-1 heading into the break.

Team Smith:

Hates write ups.