Team Smith 43 vs Team Heroman 41


Smith: This game was close all the way to the end with no team gaining more than a 4-point advantage at any point in the game…Team Heroman only had 5 but played very well, with Davis, Wafer doing damage from deep and Prust scoring a few down low…Heroman and Barbay were tough to defend and played excellent defense, but so did Peltier and Plaissance…Peltier as able to keep Heroman  frustrated and in check…Plaissance unfortunately went down in the 2nd quarter after making a 3 point basket and landing on the defender, hope he is ok..Scoring for us was as usual led by Smith, with great added scoring from Macha, Plaissance and Peltier…Calendar and Savoie added great minutes with their defense and passing….luckily at the end Team Smith was able to knock down 2 free throws with 3 seconds left to take the lead then Smith stole the inbounds to seal the victory.  We were able to come away with the Victory from a team that was missing their 2nd and 4th round selections…very lucky!

out : Womack


Heroman:  I evidently don’t know how to type.


Team Reitzell-41 vs Team Miller-67

Reitzell:  Another week, another second half burn out and another opponent has an incredible shooting night. Both teams traded buckets early as the tempo and shooting were excellent by everyone. Ledoux threw up some crazy shots that went in. My man Dukes was dropping threes, and when they stepped out on him he took it to the rack. Second half we just couldn’t get out on breaks and couldn’t get back on D. Ourso, Ledoux, and D-Mo (!) led their team in scoring. Freakin D-Mo droppped 20, three deep dagger bombs when we were close and a handful of back door cutting lay ups. Was a thing of beauty. We have a few tough games coming up to try to find our rhythm in the second half prior to the playoffs. Proud of my team for their effort, great group of guys!


Miller: It was a very competitive first half with Miller taking a 36-30 lead. Second half was a different story with Miller scoring another 31 and Reitzell 11 points. Not sure if we played good defense or if they shot poorly. Either way it worked out for Team Miller. Leading scorers were Morel (yes Morel), Ledoux and Ourso, with Joel Davis scoring quite a bit as well. Our shots fell and it was a good feeling. Hope it continues.

Out -Bueche, Carr


Team Fortenberry 39 vs Team Dartez 42


Fortenberry: Team Dartez remains undefeated as we came up short in a close game.   We started a little sluggish while Team Dartez came out hot hitting 4 3’s in the first quarter.  We finally settled in on defense and made some adjustments to slow them down.   With time running out, we kept putting Eddie Carreras on the line and he was clutch, squashing any chance of a comeback.



Lee V.



Dartez:  We won again.


Team Lambert 30 vs Team Kelly 36


Lambert: Another tough loss for Team Lambert vs. a “Kelly-Less” Team Kelly with Kevin serving as an MVP  Coach.  Cooter, Shaheen and Waitz led the opponents with  a very balanced, patient offensive attack with every player scoring, but no one above 9 pts. Team Lambert started with pathetic offense for the first 3 qtrs. with only 9 pts at half and 16 after 3 qtrs.  A furious comeback in the 4th nearly doubled our total and cut a 13 pt lead to 3, but we ran out of gas. We only have to look at the many missed close shots and shooting 5 of 19 from the free throw line to see our biggest issues.  Once we clean up our mistakes we will be be ready for a playoff run.


Kelly: We started out well, scoring about 25 points by half, with a big lead (around 14 points).  John Waitz and Cooter both hit some 3s- a big reason of the half time lead. Team Lambert simply was missing some shots and Team Kelly was playing pretty good defense.  Then, near the end of the third quarter, things started to change.  Joe Persival for Team Lambert hit a long three as the quarter ended, and the comeback was on.  Lambert and Eues started getting points and the lead shrank to 4 points.  A few late free throws, and a little luck sealed the win for Team Kelly. Also, for the second week in a row, everyone who played for Team Kelly scored. We used to award a couple of free pitchers for that accomplishment- something for the Board to revisit!


Injured: Kevin Kelly


Team Lato 40 vs Team Pitre 45 (OT)


Lato: Another loss, but it was encouraging.  We played our best game to date.  We were solid defensively and limited our turnovers on offense.  In the game, I think the largest lead for either team was 6 points.  It was back and forth up until 2 minutes to go in the 4th when Pitre took a 6 point lead.  Team Lato cranked up the defense and with some great moves offensively by Burke,  we tied the game and had a chance to win in regulation.  Unfortunately that did not happen.  We went to overtime for the second game this season and was shut out 5-0.  Levesque and Mulkey were strong inside for Team Pitre and they had a good supporting cast that played well together.


Team Lato was led by Burke and Price with 8 points.  Everyone scored and it was a complete effort defensively and offensively.  We have Super Bowl week and a Bye week for some of our ailing basketball studs to heal from nagging injuries.  Team Lato is finally starting to learn its identity and will be ready to take on the field as an 11 seed in the playoffs.


Out:  Yegge

Team Pitre was finally able to put in a complete game. This week we accomplished our first goal, score in the first quarter. Both teams started the first quarter hitting shots. Parrot and Levesque led TP in the quarter. And with Fruge hitting back to back shots for TL taking a 13-11 lead after 1 quarter. The second quarter was similar to the first as Mulkey scores 6 points for TP to tie the game at half 25-25. Both teams slowed down in the 3rd quarter with TP outscoring TL 6-4 and leading 31-29 after 3. The fourth quarter was very competitive with both teams playing strong defense in clutch possessions. Graham and Pitre hit clutch 3 pointers and the score remains tied after 4. In OT, Pitre hit a 3 on the first possession and Levesque came up big on defense. And Levesque scores the final basket. Everyone on TP scored in the game. We were led in scoring by Mulkey, Pitre and Levesque. AND Parrot did not foul out. Looking forward to the week off and see everyone in 2 weeks.