Team Lockwood 42 vs Team Lato 41



Both Team Lato and Team Lockwood started off hitting shots and towards the end of the 1st Quarter, Team Lato went on a 18-0 run finding ourselves up. Wait,  this has never happened before and what the hell do we do.  Well,  it seems we forgot how we got there and let Team Lockwood get back in the game.  Starting the 3rd quarter we still had a small lead and the game went back and forth till the very end.  Team Lato was led by Naquin and Burke hitting shots all over the court, but Team Lockwoods dynamic duo of Bueche and Tullier kept them in the game.

Team Lato had Eddie Price on the court for the first time and everything looks promising with a full team for Team Lato in the future.

In the end, Lato fouled Tullier in the last seconds and Tullier won the game for Team Lockwood.  Burke’s shot at the end almost sent Blake home crying,

Oh, I forgot,  Team Lockwood was without Goscha.  Goscha, we needed you shooting free throws instead of Tullier.

Out – Wells and Fruge


It was a close game early and then we disappeared for a bit while Team Lato went on an 18-point run.  With the Score 28-10 we went to a man defense and started to cut into the lead.  Without 1st round pick Joey G we played hard nosed D and moved the ball around to get open shots for Kurt and Jody. Keltner hit a couple of shots from the middle of the lane to keep them honest and in the end we crushed their souls to complete the comeback victory.

Side note, Burke almost made this game double unbelievable!

Me and Mike continue to build houses,  Fredy had a good game considering he was back from a COVID quarantine and Jim played hard.

All in all it might have been the single greatest comeback victory in Legends history.  I was in the arena the night Kentucky rallied from 31 to beat LSU and I was on the court for the night Team Lockwood rallied from 18 to beat Team Lato.  Not sure which one was more impressive.

Out Joey G

Team Reitzell-39 vs Team Fortenberry-28

Team Reitzell got out to a quick start in the first quarter with threes from everyone and some great defense against the Reggie-less team Fortenberry. An abysmal 2Q shooting from Team Reitzell and another LP traffic nightmare allowed Esposito to show up and help us out in the third as Team Fortenberry had a minimum of six shots in a row go in and out. It was tough to watch. The big fella Valenti led us in scoring and hit some crucial late game free throws to seal the dub. Cuendet played great on the boards and is having a break out year on offense. Even hit an 8’ lay up, and turned down a late open lay up to give his captain yet another opportunity to miss an open three. We got a little banged up late physically with a tough stretch in the schedule coming up. Neal played great all game, obviously taking my week long trash talking to heart.


Currently on a 2 game skid after a battle with Team Reitzell.  We had 7 bodies there, but only 12 knees available to play.  Scott’s team came out, hot hitting 3 threes on the first 3 or 4 possessions to give them a 9-0 lead.  We were able to cut the lead down to 3 after only allowing 3 points in the 2nd.  However, that was as close as we would get in the 2nd half as Smedium Cuendet caught fire and killed any chance of a comeback.  It was one of those nights where it just wasn’t meant to be offensively.  Lots of good shots and open looks, but I’ve never seen so many rim outs.  The highlight of the night for us was sharp shooter Simon knocking down some nice jumpers.  Hopefully we can’t get back on track next week!

Out – Reggie Wheeler

Team Smith 34 Team Lambert 33


Team Lambert only had 5 players, but it was a tough 5 players with Lambert and Eues leading the way in scoring for them, and Cole, Erwin and Pursiful adding great defense and hustle…a close game all the way with no team getting more than a 4 point lead at anytime…Team Smith was lead, as usual, by their team captain Ryan Smith in scoring, and great hustle from all others, including the return of Macha, which gave us 6 players, missing Peltier and Womack.

The 4th quarter had lead changes back and forth all the way until the very end..Great job by Plaissance, Grady, Les C and Macha on the defensive end grabbing boards and playing tough D!


I want Winners!


Team Kelly: 41, Team Pitre 30

Team Kelly fell behind by 8-10 points in the first quarter, but slowly fought back to tie the game, then went ahead when John Waitz hit a few 3s.  The half ended with Team Kelly up 23-16 ( or something like that).  In the second half, both teams played hard, and the lead remained in the 10 point range fairly consistently.  Team Kelly played tough defense, and started hitting some outside shots that have been a rare occurrence all year. Team Pitre played hard, with fairly balanced scoring from Mulkey and Pitre and others.  Ted Nixon continues to be the most pestering defensive player in the league……..

Overall, a hard fought but not particularly memorable game.


No win, no care

Phat 27 vs Dartez 32



Leading Scorers:

  1. Ledoux   20.3 PPG
  2. R. Smith 19.3 PPG
  3. Wheeler  14.8


Top Teams:

  1. Dartez   5-0
  2. Miller    3-1
  3. Phat       3-1


Top Scoring Teams:

  1. Miller    47.8
  2. Dartez   40.2
  3. Phat       36.5