* The standings in the Open league are extremely close going into the final week of the regular season. Final Tie Breakers are NOT applied at this time.  Just go out and win your next game.


You definitely want to read this week’s recaps as we have Brandon Deaton calling out himself, and Matt Allen FINALLY sending in a recap where he wasted no time going after the Prez.


Allen 50 – Walker 64



No one can prove that Roger Goodell fixes NFL games by paying the refs. No one can prove Pat Walker got rid of the old refs to pay the new refs to not call fouls on his team.

Stats:    Allen Team Fouls = 14  (vs)  Walker Team Fouls = 3  

Recap: Team Allen struggled with offensive rebounds while Team Walker scored majority of their points on offensive rebounds. Final 50 to 64.



What a refreshing change to have calls being made on both ends of the court…. Although Scott Sumner would disagree. Team Walker came out like gang busters after a tough loss two weeks ago vs Team Haf. Team Walker pretty much controlled the game from start to finish. An absolute dominate effort on the  rebounding side for team walker… Like a 52 -17 split if I had to guess. A lot of the rebounds came on a very poor shooting night for team Allen, fortunately for us. Strong play inside from Presi and an SUPREMELY underrated Cody Rico combined with great defense and offense from Moses, Eaton, Fontenot and Hood proved too much for Team Allen.


Haf 62 – Aillet 58




Short handed roster this week for Team Aillet vs Team Haf. Missing multiple top picks, out manned but not out matched. Competitive throughout the entirety of the game trading buckets back and forth. Team Aillet was able to withstand 2 different 10-0 runs to force the game into overtime. Team Aillet stuck to the game plan and ultimately came up just short in OT. Hat tip to Team Haf.


*When Team Haf lost Tim George for the season they not only lost a 3 point specialist, they clearly also lost the only person willing to send in write ups for the team


Arcement 48 vs. Navarre 54




Both teams were down one of their top 3 scorers – TA missing Firmin and TN missing Troullier. It was a close game the whole way. TA took an early 1st quarter lead, but TN led mostly by the scoring of Lanoix came back to be down only one at half. Early 3rd quarter TA lost captain Arcement to injury but Randy continued to score and make plays to keep us in it. At the end we had an open three pointer by Mayers to take a late lead but it unfortunately was just off. TN salted the game away late after that. Credit to TN for dominating the offensive glass as the scoring from Lanoix and Navarre, and the many missed layups by everyone on TA, were a little too much for us to pull out the win. Proud of the way we fought in the 2nd half to have a chance to win it.


Albin 42 – Fogle 57





Battle of the BIGS!!!


Team Albin entered their first game without their leading scorer and Team Captain! Both teams started in a 2-3 zone to try and stop the BIGS from getting going. Team Fogle took an early lead on some missed opportunities from Team Albin. TA was down 9-14 at the end of 1st. After a little bit of adjustments TA was ready to make a push before half. TA got a few stops and a couple 3’s for Davis to cut into the lead right before half but a couple clutch 3’s in the last minute by Fogle and Sumner extended TF lead 29-21 at Half


Ross Leblanc kept TA in the ball game with 9 of the teams 11 points in the 3rd qtr but TF extended the lead by scoring 12.

TA 32- 41 3rd


To start the fourth Deaton let’s frustration get the best of him and starts talking shit to Menck. Right when Deaton thought he had talked Menck into shooting TA back into the game Menck sticks a 3 in Deaton’s pussylips then comes down and gets a layup to follow (Menck 14 pts) TF extends lead in the fourth and game is stop short with a 15 pt win by Team Fogle

TA 42-57 4th


Overall everyone played and got some quality minutes. Sucks to lose but TA got a reality check with one game left before playoffs.

Deaton and Pearce played like big pussies on offense and have to step their game up for the playoffs for TA to be a contender!!


Faircloth 71 – Hebert 61


Team Hebert jumped out to a big lead (18 points) in the first half and maintained a double-digit lead early in the third quarter. Team Faircloth kept the tempo and volume of shots up, though, cutting Team Hebert’s lead to one as the fourth quarter began. It was more of the same for Team Faircloth early in the fourth, as TF built a 6-point lead with a few minutes to play. TF made (and of course missed) some free throws down the stretch and kept TH from cutting into the lead. After scoring zero points in the first half, Jason Wells poured in 19 in the second. Scott Alexander also contributed 19 and (shockingly) did not miss any free throws down the stretch. Hunter Geisman had another ho-hum 14 point performance, including a couple of contested drives to the goal late in the game. Jimmy Robbins had a few good looks from downtown, but perhaps his pre-game hydration on the UClub golf course impacted his point total. Alex Edward and Scott Elstrott played big under the goal, getting crucial rebounds and loose balls. Lynn Johnson was in love in Kentucky. Team Hebert undoubtedly missed not having a couple of guys or any subs. Beware of Team Hebert in the playoffs.