* Week 10 wrapped up a very competitive regular season in the open league. Congrats to Team Albin for locking up the top seed. TANK you very much to Team Hebert for an entertaining fourth quarter this past week as well. I hope you didn’t THROW your back out with all the effort you were giving. Now that we are in the playoffs, the POINT will be to focus on SHAVING away the small mistakes.


Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.


Navarre 79 vs. Haf 73




We finally came out shooting like we know we can. The best duo in the league Lanoix and Vic put on a show.

Both guys scored 20+ points and created open looks for others. Good Walker had a great game down low rebounding and scoring.

Pogue is stuck with guarding opp teams #1 scorer every game and did a great job against Team Haf.


We knew coming into this game if we held Haf under 40pts we had a good shot at winning.

I think he ended up with 32. The dude can flat out score.


It looks like things are finally coming together for TN. Hopefully we can carry it over to the playoffs.


Aillet 47 vs. Varnado 67




Brutal game for Team Aillet. Turning the page to playoffs!



Night cap game was a blow out. Both teams were missing players and ball movement from team Varnado lead to a quick lead that was never lost. Austin Demsky played huge, literally and figuratively, down low with multiple rebounds and layups. Game got more chatty as it went on but we did learn that Caleb knows physics. There was a lack of foul calls which inevitably leads to more bodies hitting the ground. This was a big win for team Varnado as they secure a top 2 seed in the playoffs.


Albin 68 vs. Arcement 47



Who Tanks in BRAAS? LOL, you know who you are…

Now onto the Playoffs




We took on the top ranked Team Albin down 2 of our starters – Arcement and Evans – in what we knew would be a tough final game of the year. Our zone defense gave them some trouble early on and we were able to stay in it led by scoring from Mayers in the 1st. Randy played the facilitator at point getting everyone involved as scoring was spread out in the first half. They eventually figured out the zone with the high low game of their bigs and too many turnovers by us on offense led to easy buckets on the other end in transition as Albin pulled away in the 2nd half to win comfortably. At least Deaton was a no show for Albin so we were able to lose in peace and quiet. I thought everyone stepped up – great scoring help form Mayers and Wes – as the defense went after Randy and Firmin. Justin and Ben played their guards tough on defense making them beat us inside. It wasn’t the way we wanted to finish the year but good to get that kind of loss out of the way. We still made the playoffs. Real games start next week.


Faircloth 65vs. Fogle 55




Lynn Johnson 10 and 10. Team Faircloth wins by 10.




Team Faircloth is not a great matchup for our group. They took it to us playing at a breakneck pace when able. They shot well. We stayed in it with decent ball movement but their multiple leads were too much to overcome in the end. Of note, SA was on the draft board at the time but was unable to make the playoffs . . . Per his self report


Hebert 68 vs. Allen 72


*no comment from either team. Allen Won.