Navarre vs Varnado



Everyone on our team had an off night shooting the ball, except for Lanoix. Matt going down with an ankle injury didn’t help either.

Varnado’s team shot well, especially Steve. Every ball and call seem to go their way. We played a close game but fell short.



Gritty late night matchup with team Navarre and team Varnado. Both teams had most of their players but injuries did slow down team Varnado through first half. First quarter was dominated by the season debut of Steve smith hitting three 3 pointers. This quickly got team Navarre out of their zone defense. The rest of the half was somewhat sloppy by both teams but eventually points in the paint got Varnado out to a lead. With injuries setting in the second half got close. However size inside was to much for team Navarre. Given his offensive output last week CT did attempt a 1 vs 4 reverse hook-shot….. it didn’t work out. After a gritty second half with return of injured players team Varnado pulled away. Onto the next the next week.


Albin 72

Haf 62



Week 2’s game plan was to make Haf take as many shots as he physically could on Saturday, so that he couldn’t take many on Sunday. As soon as he walked in the gym, we could tell the plan worked. The game was close in the 1st quarter ending 17-14 but TH was running on fumes. A quick change in defense, and pushing the pace Via Hoang Nguyen ended a solid 2nd quarter for TA which had the lead at 35-23. After half, TH showed some resilience and came out on fire which cut the lead to 54-48. The Twin Towers(Leblanc & Pearce) took over in the 4th, grabbing every rebound and running the floor for easy buckets. Sometimes, it’s the game before the game that actually makes a difference. And that is where TA found success for a 2-0 start to the season.

  1. Pearce can “dunk”
  2. Lucas Hahn does not miss 3s
  3. Deaton is the Brass Tractor Traylor
  4. Haf does not turn down Shots



Team Haf knocked down shot after shot after shot after shot – oh wait that was Saturday night.  Sunday was a different story as TH fell to 0-2 against a balanced Team Albin.

Albin started out hot with 11 in the first quarter by himself and TA threatened to run away early but as sure as the sun rises in the East – George came off the bench and knocked down 2 quick 3’s before the defense realized he subbed in to keep it close.  Defensive lapses by TH allowed us to get outscored 18-9 in the second.  In the 3rd Haf, Brantley and Dipalma got hot and TH produced a 25 point quarter to cut into the lead and give us a chance heading to the 4th but it was too much Ross LeBlanc and Hoang running the floor for TH to catch up, and honestly by that time nobody felt like chasing after Hoang.

Solid games from Treg with 10 points and countless rebounds and Dipalma off the bench with 10.  Haf led the way with 22.


Fogle 57

Allen 58



Week 1: I was a no-show on my write-up from week one apparently . . . much like my scoring prowess in game one.  Thank goodness for Wilson and D. Sumner keeping us in the game and eventually pulling away to win by 10-12 at the end over a tough Team Haf. BTW, if you use the blueprint we gave y’all there is a $25 flat rate per game.

Week 2: note to the club: spotting Team Allen a 14-0 lead earns you a loss. Give credit to Team Allen for knocking down shots and timely free throws for the win. WE did not particularly play well but hung in there and clawed back to within one with a chance to win it.  It didn’t go our way Sunday, but the boys fought hard and never gave up . . . that will serve us well going forward as we look to derail the offensive juggernaut of Team Varnado next week.

*Currently the Tech count for Team Allen is the same as the number of write ups submitted. Surely, this will change soon. 


Hebert 72

Walker 50


Limited to only 5 hungover players, TH proved that our livers are better than Team Walkers livers.

Shout out to Matt Brown (30ish pts) and Charles Hawkins (15ish rebounds) for participating this week.

Team Hebert started off strong with 20 points in the opening quarter, none of which were score by Hebert. Led by Coogan and Brown, TH finished the first half with a 33-23 halftime score.

Noteworthy play of the first half: Coogan forgot he was playing basketball, and for some reason thought it was volleyball season. He spiked the shit out of a Pat Walker layup attempt, causing a permanent dent in the floor and Pat Walker’s heart.

2nd half was much of the same… great contribution from Jmart with his 6 pts and 10 assist. Sharing is caring!


*President Pat was still riding high from his collection of trophies Saturday night and couldn’t be bothered for a write up. 


Faircloth 44

Arcement 54



Captain Faircloth was heard chirping that it’s gonna take 70 points to beat his team this year. After Sunday’s performance—including a couple of key “opt outs” from 2 starters—Captain Faircloth wishes to apologize and edit his comment to “it’s gonna take 45 points to beat us each week.” Otherwise, Team Faircloth played hard till the end but just didn’t have enough in the tank to survive a late Arcement rally. Kudos to Team Arcement, who all showed up in the wrong color, on a deserved win. Team Faircloth is off for the next month. See ya in 2022!



The 3:00 game the day after the Gala started exactly as you would expect. Lot of missed shots from both sides as TF jumped out to a commanding 3-2 lead halfway through the 1st. The collective sweat on the court probably had an ABV of at least 10%. After a very necessary timeout by TA things settled down. Mostly a close, low scoring game throughout the first 3 quarters as Faircloth and Alexander tried their best on offense to foul out our entire team. The 4th quarter was a different story as TA outscored TF 24-6 in the 4th to seal the win and start the season 1-0. Scoring was spread around pretty evenly by the entire team, lead mostly by Randy and Arcement in the 4th quarter. Great defensive effort from Mayers, Harger, and Chatelain on the outside, while Evans Firmin and Wes held down the inside rebounding and defending.