From the MSC:
We’ll open this week’s recaps with a quote from Walk On’s Sunday night.

“Kyle Hebert, Scott Sumner, their days of dominating BRAAS Basketball are over. There’s a new group taking over. “

The source of this quote will remain anonymous, for now, but let’s just say he’s backing that up through the first 3 weeks.

Let that one sink in over the Christmas break. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Hebert 59
Aillet 49


If it could go wrong, it went wrong the whole game. Credit to Team Hebert for adjusting and playing well. Team Aillet is turning the page on 2021, ready for 2022!

*Hebert’s write up was lost in the mail.

Albin 80
Allen 73


With both teams depleted, week 3’s matchup against Team Allen was a slugfest. The first half was back and forth, with both teams snow birding and hitting threes. Team Albin was up by 5 at the break. Trent Davis had the tough matchup of guarding Sumner, and forced the others to make some shots in the 3rd. Matt Pearce was a force and couldn’t be stopped at the rim, having the best game of his young Braas career. In the 4th, Team Allen caught fire and made almost every three they put up, bringing the game close with a few minutes remaining. With Team Albin in the bonus, they were able to make enough Free throws in the end to get the victory.

Both teams had dunks….a Braas first?!?

*Scott Sumner delivered a highlight reel dunk off an alley oop from Matt Desselle and Captain Allen still couldn’t be bothered to comment.

Haf 66
Arcement 54


Game started off great for TA as we came out hitting, scoring 19 in the first quarter – lead by 7 points each from Randy and Mayers. Unfortunately TH closed the quarter out better and scored 21, capped off by a last second deep 3 by Haf. That momentum carried over into the 2nd quarter as Tim Roussel made his presence known down low – both scoring and rebounding. TA missed our 2nd round pick Firmin (and his 5 extra fouls) in this one as TH took a 36-30 lead at the half. 3rd quarter TH began to pull away – scoring in transition and catching us off guard on defense on multiple possessions. We tried to keep pace as it was anywhere from a 8-15 point game most of the 2nd half but we couldn’t close the gap despite Randy scoring 28 pts to help keep us in it. Every time we got close it felt like they hit a big three or got a loose ball and scored off of it. Tough first L of the season going into the Christmas break but just wasn’t our day.


Team Haf finds the W column with a 12 point win over Team Arcement.

TH featured a balanced attack with 20 points each from Haf and Roussel and another 16 from Brantley.  TA had some height on their team but the lane belonged to Roussel and Treglia last night.  I pity the fools that had to handle Roussel..  Do yourselves a favor and get a massage today.

After getting down by 8 or 10 early a defensive switch led to a quick comeback and from the first quarter on TH worked with an 8 to 10 point lead until the end of the game.  Randy led the way for TA but good defense limited TA’s other scoring threats.

With only one sub everyone had to contribute and they did.  Dipalma knocked down more shots and Treglia again had an undetermined amount of rebounds and some clutch offensive boards as well.  We will work on those put backs with him.  Out – Murray & Williams.

Great way to head to the break.  Merry Christmas and see ya in 2022!


Navarre 68

Walker 53




Team Navarre had the lead most of the game but could never put Team Walker away. Moses had a great game and spent most of the game at the free throw line but I’m sure that’s because President Walker took out a small loan to pay the refs off. Good Walker played great defense against Team Walker and showed who is the big man in the paint. Also I’m not sure what Hood had in the red solo cup but he was like Superman strong, tried to take out a few players on Team Navarre. BooBoo hit some clutch free throws to seal this game. All in all great effort by both teams. Team Navarre and Good Walker walks away with a “W” leaving President Walker crying, broke and looking for a win somehow.


*The Overall MVP Curse continues to not play favorites as it’s wrecking TW and President Pat

Fogle 59

Varnado 61




Well, if our group can ever not get down double digits in the second half we will be a lot better off. The guys fought valiantly to weather the physical play of Steve Smith and sharp shooting of team Varnado only to suffer a tough defeat. Credit goes to TV for playing to their literal strengths and finding mismatches all day. Pecue, D. Sumner, Menck and Buuck played their asses off without leading post player Wilson present.  Moral victories are still L’s though. We will be a tough matchup each week if our captain could find his game or any resemblance of it.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year as well.


*Price Brannon was supposed to send in TV’s write up, but much like his 3pt shooting the first 2 weeks, it didn’t show up.