Hebert 52 – Navarre 57

TH vs TN didn’t disappoint. TH unfortunately couldn’t pull out the W
in OT. Let by Vic, team Navarre got the win. The three musketeers
Navarre, Vic, Lanoix put on a shooting display Steph Curry would’ve
been jealous of.

Arcement 68 – Varnado 57

TA playing with just 5 – missing Mossholder, Harger, and Chatelain –
knew we needed a hot start to have a chance against one of the best
teams this year in TV. We got the  quick start we were looking for
taking a 14-2 lead early. We really never looked back after that –
leading the whole game. Seemed like every time TV went on a run, we’d
hit 2-3 shots in a row and extend the lead back out to double digits.
It did get close mid 3rd after 3-4 And-1’s by TV, but we held off the
run and cruised to a 11 point win. Arcement (finally) had a good game
leading the way with 30 pts – 14 in the 4th to close it out. Firmin
and Randy chipped in with 13 pts each – kudos to Taylor for playing
tough D on Randy in this one. Firmin kept up his hot shooting with his
Larry Bird-like setshot from deep. Mayers and Evans were awesome on
the boards all game. Despite having the height advantage on us, I
think we probably had more rebounds. Great team win for TA to get our
2nd straight win as we get ready for our matchup with El Pres next

Aillet 58 –  Fogle 56

The definition of “refs letting them play” type of game. Back and
forth physical game, with Team Aillet and Team Fogle trading buckets
throughout the entire game. Off night for TA shooting the 3, but was
able to grind it out on defensive and get just enough stops. TF shot
well from 3, allowing them to take a lead late in the 4th. After a
couple of miscues TA regrouped and was able to get back into the game
down by just 1 with seconds remaining. Nicaud was fouled sending him
to the line with the chance to take the lead. Nicaud drained both free
throws, sealing the win for TA.

Albin 54 –  Walker 46

First quarter TW came out hot, hitting a few threes and feeding El
Presidente on the block for some easy buckets. While TA started slow
with too many turnovers and missed opportunities.
TA played their worst game all season, but fought hard to stay within
striking distance of TW. At halftime the game was close, TA still
continued to struggle but also did TW in the third. The game was ugly
and got a little chippy between both teams with some hard fouls. In
the fourth, TA stepped it up and got some fast break points to gain
the lead. With both teams exhausted from only having 6, TA was able to
keep a small lead to finish out the game with the Win.


Leading Scorers:

  1. Josh Wells                     27.3 PPG
  2. Kyle Hebert                   24.3 PPG
  3. Scott Sumner                23.5 PPG
  4. Trey Albin III                22.0 PPG
  5. Randy Guillaume         21.3 PPG


Top 3 Teams:

  1. Albin                5-0
  2. Aillet                3-1
  3. Arcement        3-1

Top Points Per Game (Team) :

  • Albin            69.0 PPG
  • Faircloth     63.0  PPG
  • Arcement    62.3 PPG