No captains turned in write ups for Open this week. Get it together captains! Here’s a quick run down from the MSC.


Aillet 50

Arcement 45


Randy and Firmin each scored 15 for Team Arcement but Team Aillet’s tough defense and several 3s from the captain were too much to overcome.


Haf 62

Varnado 61


Team Haf went down over 20 points early in this game but never gave up and chipped away at the lead on the back. Strong shooting in the second half from Brantley, Roussell, and Haf got the team close and Cory Williams delivered the dagger 3 pointer from the corner with very little time left on the clock to give TH the 1 point win.


Faircloth 54

Walker 48


A battle between the Pres and the VP, TF’s defense in the paint frustrated TW throughout this game and ultimately earned them the W.


Albin 53

Hebert 46


At least one member of TH drank too much Saturday night and it showed. Matt Brown put the team on his back scoring 22 for TH to keep the game close throughout. Both teams battled and bitched about fouls and each other, a staple of any game that includes Team Albin this year. Strong post play from Pearce, and Albin answering Brown’s scoring with 22 of his own helped TA to pull away late in this one for the W.


Navarre 77

Fogle 62


Navarre’s big 3 all turned in strong performances in this one led by 32 points from Troullier. Too much for Team Fogle in the night cap.


Thank you to the MSC for the above.


Since the write ups were short and sweet, here are some fun facts from week 7:


  • The week 7 High Scorer – Vic Troullier with a whopping 32 points!
  • “Big 3’s” in the NBA are all the rage.  Who is this years BRAAS Big 3 so far?  Hebert, Coogan and Brown  – averaging 20.6, 16.5 and 22.0 respectively.  Good thing they are averaging so many points because Team Hebert is blowing away the field in individual games missed with 18.  Get these guys some help!
  •  Speaking of Big 3’s – Cory Williams from Tam Haf nails one at the buzzer to beat Team Varnado – Overcoming a 24 point first half deficit.  BRAAS record comeback?
  • Your total fouls committed leader through week 7?  Tyler Pecue with 20.  Way to stay aggressive Tyler.  And Tyler is helping lead Team Fogle in the total team foul department with a whopping 77 so far.  That’s one thing to lead the league in.
  • Anyone playing defense?  Team Aillet is apparently – allowing a league low 48.0 PPG.
  • How are the Rookies doing?  Well Troullier is averaging 20.2 PPG but we’ve seen him ball in BRAAS before.  First time Rookie Matthew Pearce is logging 11.7 PPG to lead the first time rookies.
  • Looking for late round value?  The leading scorer from the last 3 rounds is none other than J-Mart who is averaging an impressive 10.5 PPG.  How did he fall that low?!?  Oh wait never mind.


Good Luck in Week 8!

Week 8
Aillet @ Faircloth
Arcement @ Hebert
Albin @ Navarre
Varnado @ Allen
Walker @ Haf
Bye – Fogle