Varnado: 63

Allen: 40



Team Allen was shorthanded By injuries and absentees. The game got out of him quickly and never really got close again. Team Allen stayed in the 2-3 zone in quick passing was too much for them. A few highlight plays and a lack of foul calls eventually led to CT getting a Noogie by Caleb Dixon. Team Varnado now has 3 weeks to rest their back injuries.

*Matt Allen… come on.


Aillet: 59

Faircloth: 69



Team Faircloth lead throughout the majority of the contest. Team Aillet was able to cut the lead a couple times to within a few points to make it close, but ultimately TF transition game proved to be the difference for the win.


*With all focus on the campaign trail, captain Faircloth wasn’t able to send in a write up.


Navarre: 46

Albin: 52



Hard fought battle between TA and TN, 1st quarter was back and forth with both teams getting to the rim. In the 2nd, TA grabbed a small lead while stepping up on offense and going into halftime with a 6 point lead. In the 3rd, TA ramped their scoring but it was the defense who was able to hold TN to only 5 points. The 4th quarter got physical and TN was able to cut the lead with several deep threes from Vic T. Multiple missed free throws down the stretch by TA resulted in FREE BASKETBALL…The half court trap seemed to work as TA was able to get a quick 5 points to end the game. Great overall effort by both teams.



Team Navarre’s game plan was to limit Trey from scoring. We managed to hold him to 13 points, but the rest of his team stepped up.Team Albin’s bigs did a great job of contesting and altering shots at the rim. We knew coming in this would be a physical game with a lot of trash talking.

Team Navarre was prepared and fought hard the whole game keeping it close .Team Navarre down 6 with 1:30 to go came back and tied it sending the game to OT.A couple of no calls and turnovers in OT cost us the game.

Team Navarre was led again by the scoring of Vic w/ 21 pts.

Team Albin is a good team with a great defense. They will be a tough matchup for any team the playoffs. Albin is proving that he is one of the top overall players in the league this year


Arcement: 44
Hebert: 43


It was a great defensive game (or a bad offensive game) for both sides throughout. TH hit a 3 at the end of the 2nd to go up 23-20 at the half. Slow game with a lot of missed shots but credit to both sides for playoff tough D on the main scorers for both teams. Felt like either team had just a one possession lead the entire game until Hebert went up 6 to end the 3rd. We (slowly) clawed back in the 4th to take the lead late by 1. After some missed FT by TA, Hebert had a chance down 1 to win it with a deep 3 from the top of the key that just missed. Balled ended up in Jmart’s hands as he sank a last second jumper just after buzzer for TA to survive by 1.
Big win for us to stay towards the top of the standings and try to get a 1st round bye. Scoring led by Randy with 14 and Firmin with 11. Much needed break to practice FTs next week and to watch Joey B get another ring. Who Dey


*No write up from Hebert, but it appeared they had their starting 5 for the first time all season.


Walker: 68

Haf: 74


*We got some NSFW quotes from the Pres but nothing that could be posted following this game.