Navarre (26) – Faircloth (6)


NAVARRE:  Team Navarre made quick work of Team Faircloth to start off the Flag Football season with a 26-6 victory. The keys to the victory included quick passes, a “bend but don’t break” defense and favorable field conditions (Thank you PARDS for the 13 yard endzone). Jonathan Menck (Team Navarre) and Cody Miranda led Team Faircloth in receiving, each scoring a touchdown. Menck nearly added another with a behind-the-back dime to Davenport, who was caught by Cody just shy of the goal line. The rookies on Team Navarre put on a show, hauling in zero receptions for zero yards, capped off with a dropped interception from Kevin Reed’s milk man’s son.


FAIRCLOTH: Team Faircloth starts slow and finishes slow against Team Navarre.  Leaphart led Team Navarre on a couple early TD drives to set the tone and take a 14-0 halftime lead.  TF had a few opportunities but could not convert critical 4th down plays early on.  A couple picks by Menck didn’t help the cause either.  Boo Boo was all over the place making plays for TN.  Miranda, Pecue and Beanie led the way for TF with Miranda taking a swing pass and leaving everyone in his vapor trail for the lone TD.  Kish is still wondering where he went.  Defensively, well – we played.  Rookie Cory Ferrara had a pick which provided a quick flash of optimism only to be extinguished by an end of the first half TD strike from Leap to Boo Boo (12 yards deep in the end zone but still somehow a score) after a questionable timeout call provided TN with a few extra seconds to work with.


TF easily led the way at Walk Ons afterwards.  In fact it was a dominating performance with Cloth, George, Ferrera, Bass, Pecue, Miranda and M. Sumner all showing up and laughing at all the teams that are peaking way too early.


Out for TF – Nicaud and Jenny


Pearce (35) – Pogue (14)


PEARCE:  Ahhhh sweet victory! After two years of learning from Brad Pevey I took his Offense and perfected it. Student Became the MASTER in what was a lopsided good old fashioned ass whooping. I knew what he was going to do before he even knew. He even threw me a pick 6. I took great satisfaction in shitting on the odds makers who had us +11.5 pregame. The positive takeaway from this matchup for team Pevey was that they made it through the whole game without Trent Davis fighting anyone on his own team despite them trailing 29-6 late in game. I think he kept his cool due to me serving him the easiest catch of the night with an INT.

We had tremendous contributions from all of Team Pearce with 5 different players recording TDs/INTs. I’m very fortunate to have drafted the studs that makeup team Pearce. We shall see how the rest of the season goes. Faircloth you can run but you can’t hide, you may have gotten our week two matchup canceled but we will see you in week 9!!!


Editor’s note – Pearce’s head barely fit through the door at Walk Ons.



An Intense Clash in Flag Football: Rookies Injured, Hard-Fought Battle Ensues


In a thrilling flag football match, two rookie players unfortunately found themselves injured, setting the stage for a fiercely contested game. Despite the setbacks, both teams showcased their determination and resilience, making for an exciting and action-packed event.


The game began with a promising drive that advanced down the field but ultimately came to a halt on the opponent’s 2-yard line. It was a testament to the tenacity of both teams’ defenses, who refused to concede an easy touchdown.


However, the early lead was snatched away from the protagonist team due to a fluke play, which surprisingly saw one of Pearce’s rare accurate throws connecting with its target. The unexpected turn of events put them at a disadvantage, but it only fueled their determination to rally and reclaim the lead.


Brad Peavy, the reigning Most Valuable Player from the previous season, faced one of the toughest games of his career, managing to score only two touchdowns. Despite this setback, Peavy remains optimistic, eagerly looking forward to a bounce-back performance in the next game. His unwavering spirit and commitment to improvement are testaments to his status as a respected player in the league.


In a surprising turn of events, David Lanoix emerged as a standout player, surpassing his own quarterback in passing yards. While this may not be a significant achievement considering Pearce’s reliance on Trent Davis as his favorite target, Lanoix’s performance left a lasting impression on both teammates and opponents alike. His ability to adapt and contribute to the team’s offensive strategy made him a force to be reckoned with.


Rory Hebert stole the spotlight during the game, demonstrating his versatility with two receiving touchdowns and a sack on Pearce. The sack can be metaphorically likened to a powerful dunk in basketball, underscoring the impact and dominance of Hebert’s move on the game.


Meanwhile, the opposing team was left reeling from KP’s electrifying spin move that left their defense in disarray. The aftermath of KP’s maneuver left the opposing players searching for their metaphorical “jock straps,” metaphorically highlighting the impact and dominance of the move on the game.


Overall, this hard-fought battle in flag football showcased the resilience, skill, and determination of the competing teams. Despite the challenges faced, both sides demonstrated their unwavering spirit and showcased their abilities, creating an intense and memorable match. As the season progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling encounters on the field.


Aillet (33) – Desselle (18)


AILLET:  The tale of two halves with week 1 matchup between Team Aillet and Team Desselle. TD started the game with the ball 1st, and put together a nice long scoring drive. TA answered back with a long drive as well with it ending in, Garrett connecting to Lucas LeBlanc for a touchdown. TD got the ball once more but was stopped to end the first half with TA up 7-6. The 2nd half started with TA having the ball and starting to find a rhythm. Garrett found Mahtook twice for 2 long touchdown plays on different drives, along with captain Aillet having 2 INT pick six of his own to put the game away. Great week 1 effort and contributions from the entire TA roster.



Hood – “So what do you have to say about week 1 battle?”

Desselle – “You mean the battle at north park?”

Hood – “The battle at Field f*cking 1!”

Desselle – “There is only one thing I have to say about the game at north park, Team Aillet kicked team Desselle’s *ss 32-19 and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Hood – *as he embraces Desselle in sorrow, wiping away a tear*

“you said it all man.”


Holaway (20) – LeBlanc (6)


HOLAWAY:  Light work for Team Holaway!

Strong Defense with just enough offense got the job done. With 3 defensive stops resulting in a pair of receiving touchdowns from Hebert to Holaway and CT to end the 1st half.


The 2nd half was almost a mirror image of the 1st half….. strong defensive play by team Holaway. Team Leblanc was able to sneak in a late TD on a 4th downplay. It’s still up in the air if the ball crossed the plane before the flag was pulled… anyway we entered 7 plays up 14-6. Hebert did Hebert things and drove the ball down to put us 1 goal with 4 plays remaining. We gave Blake the opportunity to tap…. However, my boy Blake has that dog in him and wanted to play it out! Anyway … Hebert to Vick TD ended the game!


Surprisingly defensive was the play for team Holaway. With 3 turnovers on downs and 3 sacks from the blitz furry of CT and Jason May… this team seems to be in late season form on week 1! #CoffeeBean


LeBlanc:  No write up – must be drawing up some new plays.