LeBlanc 0 – Faircloth 7


Faircloth:  Team Faircloth turns in a defensive performance for the ages in a 7-0 win over Team LeBlanc.  It was such an epic performance that Team LeBlanc’s own Danton Alexis coined the nickname the “PARDS Patrol Defense” and wanted to make sure he got full credit for this.  Done.


Not much really changed from last week when Team Navarre scored at will on TF – except for Eric Nicaud returning to harass the QB all night.  It’s fair to say he makes a difference.


Speaking of Nicaud – he also provided the offense – getting in the end zone on the opening drive of the second half.  Faircloth to Jeremy Jenny made it 7-0.


First and Goal seemed to be the Achilles heel for TF – going 0-3 in that situation.  Cloth will be sending Rookie Ferrara back to MMR to look for the red zone offense chapter in Scott Alexander’s secret playbook.  It is worth noting that while scoring 7 points – TF’s average PPG went up.


Faircloth notched a diving / rolling / juggling interception to stave off a late drive by TL and on TL’s very last drive he was the victim of a mugging by rookie Crader, thankfully Jordan survived and was still able to pull the flag.  I don’t know what Reggie saw but he actually threw a flag on Cloth on that play.  Whatever.


Once again TF led the way at Walk On’s with 7 guys there – laughing at all of the teams who are wasting their good scoring plays early in the year.  By the end of the night there was a solid crowd there.  Man these rookies love buying pitchers of beer!


LeBlanc:   There is a lot to takeaway from Monday night’s contest between Team Leblanc and Team Faircloth—offense not being one of the things there was a lot of. Here are the key takeaways, in bullet form:

  1. Final Score: 7-0 Team Faircloth. (insert 2009 Les Miles quote about bending Alabama until they break here)
  2. Great teams have started seasons with losing streaks before—teams that eventually won it all: 2004 Boston Red Sox (MLB), 2007 New York Giants (NFL), 2023 Inter Miami (MLS), 97-98’ Chicago Bulls (NBA), Great Britain (World War II). Team LeBlanc will be fine. 0-2 is fine. They’re not worried about being 0-2, or scoring a combined 7 points their first two games. Not a big deal. It’s fine.
  3. Baker Mayf—I mean Blake LeBlanc, showed surprising mobility and athleticism during several scramble attempts. Which isn’t surprising, as he is a regular member of F45 and places great importance on functional strength training. We hope to see him make plays on the run more as the season progresses.
  4. Chris Mckee put pressure on the QB at a high level—3 sacks.
    1. Solid night receiving, too. Yards after the catch aren’t ever going to be a big thing, but if you put it in his window, he’s catching the rock.
  5. Zero drops by Bart Crader and he would have contributed the game tying, breakaway TD if opposing captain Jordan Faircloth didn’t commit an egregious, un-becoming hold.
  6. A lot of pre-snap motion for Team Faircloth. Was it effective, or was it just eye-wash? Both, is probably the correct answer.
  7. Rookie Beau Didier has imposed a $5 fine on himself—in effect for the remainder of the season—any time he mentions a “quadricep” (left or right) or makes any reference to “ironman training” after any missed tackle (flag-pull). He would like for proceeds to go immediately to a Walkons Bistreaux bar-tab.
  8. Impressive red-zone, goal-line stands. Triche and Crader with some big time pulls, not giving up on any play. This is indicative of team character and high-level team morale. Team Leblanc is 0-2, but they’re fine.
  9. Rumors swirling about a new-look offense. Coach/Captain LeBlanc declined to officially comment, but seemed to take on some creative insight post-game, really locking in on “Chive TV”.
  10. Nadia, bartender Monday evening, Sept 11 at Walkon’s Denham, also noted “all verticals” as coming up a lot in conversation between Leblanc and teammates.
  11. It was refreshing though seeing a return to hard-nosed, defensive minded football. In the era of tik-tok and the spread offense, a commitment to the ground and 5 yard curls needs to be celebrated.
  12. Team LeBlanc is fine.



Pearce 13 – Desselle 27


Desselle:  Team Desselle came out on the first drive down a man and managed to pick up a couple first downs until our 7th arrived. Once we got a full squad it was all TD. Secrist locked up 3/4 of the field by himself while grabbing a couple ints. Walker stayed hot throwing 3 td passes and TD cruised to a 27-13 win


Pearce:  What?  No write up this week????


Navarre 12 – Aillet 19


AILLET:  Going into game 2, we knew that Team Navarre was going to be a tough matchup with a great QB and playmakers on the field. We made a pact before the game that we needed to start fast to keep up with TN’s scoring and then proceed to go 4 and OUT and gave TN the ball immediately in scoring range. Not the start we had in mind! TN scored right away to take the early lead. TA answered back with Garrett hitting captain Aillet for a long TD pass to regain some momentum. TN scored again before half, with BooBoo catching his 2nd touchdown of the night. Second half TA outscored TN 12-0, Mahtook lead the way with a receiving TD and 2 INT, one being a pick six and the other ending the game.


Navarre: Wishing they played Team Faircloth again.


Pogue 7 – Holaway 21


Holaway:  After watching the self proclaimed 2023 Flag Football Champs Team Pearce take an “L”  Team Holaway handed down another STRONG performance in Week 2!


Team Holaway picked up right where they left off from week 1. Forcing Team Pouge/Peavy on a 3 and out on the opening drive! It didn’t take Mr. Hebert long to find Holaway down the sideline for a walk in TD! CT Taylor capped the score off with an explosive PAT run to put Team Holaway up 7-0. Team Pouge began their 2nd possession by chipping away down the field taking up most of the remaining time of the half with boring dunks and dunks. Team Pouge was able to barely punch in a TD just before halftime but was unable to convert the PAT. Team Holaway lead at the half 7-6.


The 2nd half lead off with another Hebert to Holaway TD with an Hebert PAT run… putting the good guys up 14-6! Team Pouge’s next possession was fill with regrets and miscues. A combination of great flag pulls by CT and Swales and an incredible rush attack by Ty Smith, Team Pouge capped their drive off with back to back snaps over Peavy’s head. On 4th down and no choice team Pouge was unable to convert thus resulting in another turnover on downs. Team Holaway took over nearly in the end zone, Hebert struck again to a wide open Brandon Pitre! The PAT was good also by a one handed grab by Holaway!


Down to 7 plays, Team Pouge was unable to move the ball resulting in Ref Fat calling ball game! Great effort by Team Pouge however, it just wasn’t enough!


Pogue:  Title: Week 2: Death by a Thousand Cuts – Team Pogue’s Struggle Continues


Week 2 of our flag football league proved to be another challenging one for Team Pogue. Despite their determination to bounce back from a week 1 upset, they faced a formidable opponent in Team Holaway. With a focus on defense and figuring out their offensive strategy, Team Pogue aimed to make a comeback.


Team Pogue started off slowly, mirroring their previous week’s performance, with a drive that ended in a turnover on downs. However, they quickly recovered as quarterback Peavy led a balanced attack down the field. Kokesh’s impressive catch and run set the stage for Trent Davis’ 2-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, a failed 2-point conversion attempt left the team frustrated due to an uncalled pass interference on WR Lasseigne.


Team Holaway, led by Kyle Hebert and CT Taylor, responded with a methodical drive resulting in a touchdown. Their success was built on short gains rather than big plays, but they attempted a deep pass that was denied by Kokesh, who later seemed to be in desperate need of a cigarette on the sideline after such a sprint.


During halftime, Team Pogue questioned the choice of their snack, popcorn, and fried chicken, as a couple of bad snaps stalled another drive and allowed Team Holaway to score another quick touchdown. As time expired, Trent made a remarkable catch over the middle, momentarily putting the defense on edge, but unfortunately, it was the final play of the game.


Team Pogue is determined to move forward from this devastating loss. The return of rookie sensation Blake Hannegan from a lingering hamstring injury could provide the team with an additional weapon to help turn their two-game losing streak around. With a matchup against the offensively challenged Team Faircloth in the upcoming week, Team Pogue sees this as an opportunity for a much-needed turnaround.


Despite the setbacks faced in week 2, Team Pogue remains optimistic about their future performance. Their determination to improve, along with the potential return of key players, sets the stage for an exciting and competitive season ahead. Stay tuned for the next round of games as Team Pogue aims to showcase their talent and secure a victory.