Pogue (7) – Desselle (27)

Desselle:  Team desselle came out hot while driving down the field and connecting with simmons for a TD. Team pogue answered with a TD of their own on the following drive. TD scored again quickly but left time on the clock before the half. TP attacked trying to score before the half but TD was able to get a int and connect with Ryan Allen for another score before the half. TD played excellent defense in the second half grabbing another int and holding TP to zero points. Final score 27-7


Pogue:  Title: Team Pogue Faces Setbacks and Frustration in Recent Flag Football Match

Team Pogue encountered a series of unfortunate events in last week’s match, resulting in injuries, confusion, and a disheartening loss.

The team faced a string of injuries and setbacks leading up to the game. Captain Pogue suffered an avulsion fracture, while Rookie Lasseigne endured a torn hamstring, leaving the team without their experienced leader and promising newcomer. Additionally, Peavy was occupied with home repairs, while KP was trying to land airplanes in a lightning storm at MSY, and failed to commandeer a vehicle to make it to the game on time further hindered their ability to field a full lineup.

The match ended in a disappointing 26-7 loss for Team Pogue. Amidst the challenging circumstances, there were a few standout moments for Team Pogue. Rory’s remarkable 60-yard catch and run touchdown provided a fleeting moment of excitement and served as a reminder of the team’s potential. Additionally, Hannegan’s ability to stay on his feet throughout the game was a promising sign of future things to come.

The absence of key players, combined with external challenges faced by other team members, made it difficult to compete effectively. Despite a valiant effort from those who were able to participate, the team was unable to overcome the odds and suffered a significant defeat. Moving forward, Team Pogue will need to regroup, heal from injuries, and address logistical challenges to bounce back and regain their winning form in future flag football matches.


Pearce (18) – Navarre (21)

Navarre: Team Navarre scored on all three of their offensive possessions and stopped Team Pearce on their 3-point extra point play to secure the victory. Boo Boo and Kish each hauled in a receiving TD to give Team Navarre a 14-6 lead at half and Jason Leaphart ran one in for the third score of the game. Dan Cuendet picked up Team Navarre’s lone interception, but apparently didn’t attend Stefan Pitre’s speed seminar “How to Improve Your 40 Time”, as he was caught just shy (About 40 yards shy) of the goal line. The game came down the final play, as Team Pearce drove the ball down the field on the final drive and scored to make it 21-18. Their extra point attempt was stonewalled as Nelson Davenport high-pointed the ball from Pearce to break-up the pass. Overall, a solid, much needed victory for Team Navarre.


LeBlanc (0) – Aillet (21)

Aillet:  Shout-out Team LeBlanc for finding subs so we could still play week 4 matchup. Prayers up to the injured players on Team LeBlanc with surgery and quick recovery!


LeBlanc:  Team Leblanc went into this game without their captain and top 3 draft picks. Despite that, they were able to hold Team Aillet to 7 in the 1st half. Starting the 2nd half with the ball, a pitch-back was intercepted by Lucas LeBlanc of Team Aillet and ran back for a touchdown making the score 14-0. With a substitute QB we tried to make a push to score without any luck and the game ended 21-0. No interceptions, sacks, or touchdowns. Oof.


Holoway (14) – Faircloth (0)


Faircloth:  Looks like the quarterback controversy is officially over.  Safe travels back from California Ourso.  Just remember – September is for pretenders.  October is for contenders.


Holoway:  No Hebert No problem! Team Holaway’s Defense was the key! With both teams struggling to punch in a Tuddy… Swales comes up HUGE with a Pick 6 before half! With CT throwing a Dot to Holaway get the extra point! Second Half was a mirror of the 1st with Faircloth throwing more balls to team Holaway than his own teammates! Swales with another pick as well as CT! Team Holaway was able to Capitalize from a INT by Swales with a Tuddy to the Legend Lane Pitre! The PAT was good with a Dot from Holaway to Swales! All in all, Team Holaway continues to have everyone’s offense in a chokehold with their lockdown Defense! 14-0 The Good Guys!