Desselle 13 – Faircloth 19


Desselle – Team Desselle came out flat with a turnover on downs on the first drive and a interception on the second drive giving team Faircloth back to back 1st and goals. TD was able to turn it around in the second half but was unable to compete the comeback. Faircloth 19 Desselle 13


Faircloth – Team Faircloth defeats Team Desselle, 19-13, led by the Ochsner Player of the Week, Tom Brady. Nicaud paced the defense with 3 sacks. Miranda added an INT (and should’ve had another). Nicaud almost pulled off the “hey I’m on your team pitch it to me” turnover, but Aaron Bass was too quick with the flag pull on Marcantel. Save for 2 deep balls (beautiful throws from the Good Walker), the D played outstanding. The offense was humming, with everyone getting in the action. Team Wannabe Jeremy Jenny (1) and Miranda (2) accounted for the receiving TDs. Captain Faircloth paced the team at post-game Walkon’s, contributing to the Denham Springs economy. We’re on to week 6.


Pearce 12 – Holaway 14


Holoway – Defense won the night for Team Holaway. Not many highlights from this one after a 30 minute stoppage due a Blake Lockwood injury! Prayers for Blake and a speedy recovery!

Team Holaway had the lead 14-6 with Tuddys from Hebert and Swales…

With Team Pearce driving at the end of regulation, Team Pearce was able to punch one in with to make it a 2 point game with 2 plays remaining. Team Pearce elected to go for three and the win.. with the game on the line a last ditch jump ball to Pearce that was well defend by Holaway to put this game to bed! 14-12 The Good Guys!


Pearce – Doesn’t win or do write ups.  Sad!


Navarre 12 – Leblanc 26


Navarre – With only five members of the team available at the start of the game for Team Leblanc, Tom Brady (Ourso) and Jordan Faircloth subbed in and lead a TD drive on the opening possesion for Team Leblanc. Team Navarre scored on their opening possession on a TD pass from Leap to Boo Boo. TL drove down the field and scored on the last play of the first half to take a 14-6 lead. TN opened the 2nd half with a scoring drive capped off by a TD by Nelson Davenport. TL responded with another long TD drive to take a 20-12 lead. TN drove down the field, but came up just short of potentially tying the game. A late, garbage time TD by TL widened the gap, pouring salt in the wounds of TN, who fell to 2-3 on the season.

Important Notes:

Team Navarre was without the heart and soul of their team Dan Cuendet, who undoubtedly would’ve changed the outcome of the game.

D-Mo caught a TD from the future BRAAS year 65 Rookie of the Year little Leaphart.


Leblanc – Nobody left to do write ups – we understand.


Aillet 27 – Pogue 18


Pogue – Title: Team Pogue Shows Offensive Promise but Falters Defensively

In one of their most cohesive and divisive efforts, Team Pogue fell short in their recent game. Team Pogue’s offense displayed promise, with their second-best performance of the season, with Peavy leading the charge by throwing two touchdowns. Blake contributed with a receiving and rushing touchdown, while Trent hauled in another touchdown pass. Notably, Patrick “The Arsenal” Arcement made a significant impact with a 50+ yard reception that helped lead to one of the team’s three touchdowns.


Although the defense put in a good effort, it was not enough to contain the formidable athletic and constant whining trio of Lockport Leblanc, Motown Mikie, and ACL Aillet. Kokesh and Joey played notable roles in trying to halt the opposing offense, but the trio proved challenging to stop on the field of play and from crying. Despite their efforts, the defense was unable to prevent the opponents from scoring.

Honorary assistant to the captain Trent Davis delivered a passionate halftime speech, calling out the defensive players “you losers defensive excuses are becoming embarrassing to my 7 year old son”. However, Davis himself has only one interception this season, causing some amusement among the team. With Pogue and Lasseigne on IR and KP getting so lost at MSY that he ended up in Italy, Team Pogue remains hopeful that they can piece everything together and perform at their best with finals around the corner.


Aillet – Another good game plan executed by Team Aillet. TA was lead offensively with Cole Garrett tossing 4 touchdown passes. Team Pogue made it close late, but TA defense made a stand to put game away.