Team Faircloth 12 – Team Aillet 0

Faircloth – Team Faircloth, led by the vaunted PARDS Patrol Defense throws another shut out – this time against the highest scoring team in the league – 12-0 over Team Aillet.

The first half was definitely a defensive struggle that ended 0-0.  TC, led by the rushing of Eric Nicaud, held TA in check forcing a 4 and out on the first possession and end of the half caught them on the second.  TA made a couple clutch defensive plays of their own to stave off some TF scoring threats.

More of the same in the second half.  TA hit a big pass to Rookie Anderson but the giant cloud of dust from the infield must have thrown off TA as Captain Cloth stepped in front of a pass on first and goal to end that drive.

First and goal continued to pose a problem for TF but we eventually got into the end zone on an Ourso to Pecue connection.  XP failed.  Go figure.

Nicaud continued relentless pressure on Cole all game long tallying 2 sacks and 2 pass knock downs on the night.

On the last play of the game a Hail Mary attempt was picked by Cloth and returned to the house to close out the scoring.

Another dominant TF performance at Walk On’s as well.











Aillet:  “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”. On to next week.


Team Pogue 34 – Team Navarre 13

Pogue:  Title: Team Pogue Overcomes Injuries and Personnel Challenges for First Win


Despite multiple injuries and absent players, Team Pogue’s general manager and team captain, “Club Hand” Pogue, made crucial substitutions to secure the team’s first win of the season. With key players sidelined, the team rallied together and emerged victorious with a 34-15 score.


Team Pogue faced adversity with injuries to key players, including Marcus “Minister of Morale” Lasseigne and Peavy, who suffered a neck injury, which is assumed to be due to him continually throwing his head back after dropped passes. Additionally, KP remained absent for the third consecutive week, reportedly inspired by Julius Caesar’s conquests he is currently establishing multiple SNP locations across the Italian peninsula for his European division. Trent Davis, frustrated by the team’s winless start, sought an ayahuasca spiritual retreat with Aaron Rodgers to regain focus and positivity.


With Bart Crader as quarterback, the offense thrived, as he threw for four touchdowns and ran for one. The Arcement brothers played a significant role in the receiving game, accounting for all four receiving touchdowns. Rory, Blake, Kokesh, and Joey all caught extra points, with Blake even attempting a throw for an extra point, which GM Pogue believed the slightly awkward throw must have been with his opposite hand due to how terrible it looked. Even still, the offense was pleased with the overall performance.


The defense showed improvement, highlighted by Patrick Arcement’s interception and multiple turnovers on downs. They managed to hold the opposing team to only two touchdowns. However, there was one lapse resulting in a 50+ yard touchdown where Trent Davis could be heard screaming from his retreat bungalow in frustration. General manager Pogue’s halftime snack choice of popcorn came under scrutiny, as it was questioned whether it affected Kokesh’s ability to make a crucial play that led to the second touchdown, and a three-point extra point conversion.


Despite injuries, missing players, and some questionable moments, Team Pogue’s resilience and the strategic decisions made by their GM and captain, led them to their first victory of the season. As the team continues to overcome challenges and make adjustments, they remain hopeful for future success.


Navarre:  The outlook was bleak for Team Navarre as the texts began to roll in on Sunday when Boo Boo, Leaphart, Davenport and Kish were out. Team Navarre had to reach deep into the bag of their AARP members just to get to the full 7. Team Pogue had a different approach, picking up rookie Bart Crader and speedster William Arcement to fill their injury depleted roster. This proved to be a bit of an advantage for their side as Pogue jumped out to an early lead. Team Navarre fought tough, but two missed 4th down conversions inside the opposing 20 led to short TD drives by Pogue, which ultimately decided the game. Offensively, Jonathan Menck (Hot-Route) and Austin Demsky each scored on touchdown passes from QB Dan Cuendet. On the final play, Cuendet found Menck for a 3-Point conversion with an acrobatic pass off his back foot that was caught at the goal line. D-Mo nearly broke off a long touchdown reception of his own, but the ball was tipped by his teammate prior to hauling in the catch. Tough loss for Team Navarre, but most importantly, every member of the team attended the postgame festivities at Walk-Ons.


Team Leblanc 0 – Team Pearce 19

No write up provided as Team Pearce picks up a dub, finally.


Team Holoway 35 – Team Desselle 12

Desselle:  Team Desselle had this game circled on the calendar all season. “Battle of the Brother in Laws” team Desselle came in to the game missing some players and unfortunately for TD the wrong brother in laws won. Every other play involved one of the pitres scoring a touchdown. Final score was a lot to a little.


Holoway:  The match up of the brother in laws turns out to be the Pitre show as Team Holaway ROLLS past a depleted Team Desselle!

Lane and Brandon both contribute with 4 of the 5 Tuddys with the Vet Swales thrusting his way into the end zone for a 3rd week straight!

To sum this up quickly, Team Holaway lead the game with a balanced attack from both sides of the ball. Scoring every time we touched the ball all while picking the Great Walker off twice by B. Pitre and the Legendary Adam Swales!

Team Holaway continues to keep the W-Train rolling with another STRONG W….while Team Desselle headed to Walk-Ons saying “what if”