OK fellas, it’s time for one of BRAAS’s best social events of the year!!!  On Saturday, January 27th, it’s Galactic Bowling time!  But this year, BRAAS is moving the event to Premier Lanes at 1414 N. Airline Hwy!  Prez KB and his Galactic Bowling consultants have already given their vote of approval!  What an awesome facility for a night of fun and festivity!
For the hungry and thirsty crowd, our pre-bowling gathering spot will be El Meskal restaurant. It’s located 1/2 mile away from Premier Lanes.  We’ll have a private room reserved for BRAAS with our own private bar.
I told El Meskal to expect some of us to start arriving around 4:00-4:30.
Bowling starts at 7:00 and ends at 10:00.  Again, the location is Premier Lanes.  The cost is $20/person and this includes your bowling and ice cold Mockler Beverage liquid refreshments!!!   So come solo or bring your spouse or significant other to one of BRAAS’s favorite events!
Who’s going to take the high score crown from past Prez Pat Walker?  He looked determined last year and I hear he’s been a regular at Premier Lanes the past couple of weeks!
I’ve been in BRAAS for over 30 years(old fart) and the BRAAS Board has kept the price of this event unchanged.  I expect to see all Rookies in attendance.
It’s super important to sign up on TeamSnap (Reminder sent to the “undecided” earlier today).  I need to make sure we are well supplied with Mockler products and that we hav eplanty enough lanes reserved!!!
Keep it out the gutters!
Scott Pecue