Smith 41 – Lambert 30

A game definitely happened.  Looks like Smith won by 11.


Goscha 57 – Levesque 36

LEVESQUE:  Team Levesque thought they’d ski themselves to an easy victory in week 1. Unfortunately the combination of several absences and an early injury to Roman Gage meant we were walking into a slaughter….just like our captain did on draft night….

We couldn’t matchup with Team Goscha’s size and speed. Clint Smith decided the he would take 700 shots and by God! They would all go in!

Graham scored 14, Levesque had 13 with 3 BEAUTIFUL three pointers


GOSCHA:  Team Goscha was led by Clint Smith and his 17 points in our first game of the 2023-2024 season. Dornier wasn’t far behind with a 14 point performance. Valenti chipped in 12 pts and showed off some very nice passing around the paint. Goscha added 10 pts to the fray but appeared rusty in the early going. Missing every layup and free throw for a full 15 minutes. Les Callender chipped in 4 points on only 4 shots. Tommy Lato rimmed out 3 great looking three pointers and was an assist beast. Two no shows due to some international play commitments but we hope to be back at full strength soon. 60 points out the gates was a great sign.


Team Levesque was missing several players and had an early injury that left them very short handed. They still scored 36 points and played hard from start to finish. Levesque was tough both on the inside and from beyond the arc. Glad we got them early because I see them improving as the season moves along.


Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks to everyone that continues to contribute selflessly to this incredible club.


Dukes 49 – Dartez 27

DUKES:  We spent the first quarter against Team Dartez remembering how to play basketball and what the object of the game was as evident by the 5 points we put up. I’m pretty sure Tim told us to get out of his way in the second quarter and proceeded to pour in 16 points leading us to a 10 point halftime lead. The second was a little more well rounded as everyone was contributing on both sides of the ball and we managed to pull out the W against a tough Team Dartez.


DARTEZ:  What a wakeup call for the first game of the season, we absolutely got crushed by Team Dukes.  Both teams started slow in the first quarter. In fact, Dartez led at the end of the 1st quarter 6-5 with both teams exhibiting poor shooting.  That’s when Roussell decided to take over the game scoring 15 of Team Dukes 17 points in the 2nd quarter.  Team Dartez could not respond only tallying 4 pts in the 2nd and trailing by 12 at half.  Starting the 2nd half with Roussell on the bench, Team Dartez energized to make a run but, Maddie, Reitzell, Lowe and Dukes would have none of it as they hit crucial shots and extended the lead in the 3rd and coasted the rest of the game.  Team Dukes mercy ruled (and humbled) Team Dartez fir a 22 point victory.

Team Dartez was led by Tate with 9, Dartez with 7.  I am sure we shot in the 15 % range (if we were lucky).

Looking forward to the next game!


Ledoux 72 – Eues 24


A game was played.  I can see why Eues did not send in a write up.  I have no idea why Ledoux didn’t.