Dartez 37 – Levesque 32

DARTEZ – Team Dartez started slow again as only scoring 6 in the  first period behind Tate’s 2 three-pointers. While Team Levesque without there leader took commanding 10-6 lead to end the first. Team L fought hard and kept the lead till the 4th quarter when Team Dartez started to clamp down on defense and push the ball up the court. Team Dartez continued on a run and survived with a 37-32 victory.  I commend Team L with their hussle and aggressiveness especially without Levesque.

Team L was led by Reggie with 14 points and Brent Graham sharpshooting from the outside with 11points. Team Dartez was led by Tate again with 14 points and Dartez with 11 points.  We are still awork in progress and trying to find our identity.


LEVESQUE – Snowed In.


Dukes 31 – Lambert 43

DUKES –  When your shots aren’t falling it’s usually pretty hard to win. When you’re playing against Team Lambert AND your shots aren’t falling, you can hang it up. After an 11 point first half we were down 10 with hope that switching goals would help. Sadly for us that turned out to be true for both teams. We were able to hit some shots in the second half and managed to cut a 16 point Lambert lead down to 6 but they were just too much for us. Larry led us in scoring with 12. We’ll learn from this one and move on. Hats off to Team Lambert for a well earned W.


LAMBERT –  Team Lambert got the win vs. Team Dukes with a balanced offensive attack from Meraler, Lamberts, Bueche, DePaul and Fortenberry all scoring between 4 and 12 pts.  We started out hot and fortunately our opponents couldn’t buy an outside shot.  We stretched it to a 10 pt lead and it pretty much stayed there for the rest of the game.  Our defense was stout the whole game trying to contain the tough and talented Roussel as much as possible.  The defensive charge was spearheaded by Fortenberry, Dugas and others.  Proud of our effort there.
Team Dukes did make a run in the 2nd half with some 3 pt shooting from Rushing and timely buckets from Mulkey and  Roussel,  but we weathered the storm to get the W. ( Out: Miller and Mansur-injured)


LeDoux 50 – Goscha 45

LEDOUX – Well for as bad a game as Team L had we were able to deliver the L to team Gosha. But it had a real hockey game feel to it but with a bunch of soccer players on the other team. Lol. I agree with team G that the refs are way better this year than we’ve had in a long time. Kudos to whoever made that happen! That being said we were able to jump out to a nice lead until foul gate 2023 and things went south pretty quickly. Team G was able to get back in the game and keep it close the last quarter of the game. Talley was doing a heck of a job guarding the big guy but quickly garnered 3 fouls so I decided to try to help out and that was kinda disappointing knowing your hands are tied. Then there was the flying elbows incident on one of my smaller guys who was accused of going for the knees when he was simply standing his ground. I’m sure if I had done this I would have been immediately ejected from the contest. But all in all my guys were able to withstand all the shenanigans and horrible play and pull out the W in spite of my fouling out. Thanks to some timely free throws to build back a small 5 point lead before the buzzer by Lane and Trevor. There are no hard feelings only hurting body parts. After working a 12 1/2 hour shift then running across town to play a basketball I definitely wasn’t able to contribute much to our game unfortunately. I’m just fortunate to have a great team of guys around me that never gave up! We were missing our two stars in Tim Parrott and Sean Marcantel.


GOSCHA – Recap from what I heard at Walk Ons – Hard Fouls and missed free throws.


Eues 42 – Smith 33

EUES –  It’s all about Walk On’s for this team.

SMITH – Get well soon captain.