Week 10


LeDoux(31) Vs Dartez(23)

LeDoux – “Sometimes when you win, you really lose. And sometimes when you lose, you really win. And sometimes you neither win nor lose.” – Rosie Perez as Gloria in White Men Can’t Jump

Dartez – We had 5 people and shorthanded but, surprisingly our team played very well.  In a competitive game, we were victorious but found out today we had to forfeit due to an illegal player.  It was great practice for our team.  We are looking forward to the playoffs.


Mansur(23) Vs Goscha(45)

Mansur – Good 1st qtr with TG taking a 14-10 lead.  Cooter, Clint & Macha all scoring points while TG got scoring from all 5 starters.

2nd qtr not so good!  TM makes all of 4 shots the entire qtr. You are probably thinking that’s not too bad!  Only problem is that 3 of the 4 were free throws.  TG on the other hand continued to have everyone contribute with 6 different people scoring to take a 31-16 lead at the half.


TM heavily outgunned hit 7 shots in the 3rd qtr.  You would think we were able to get close but you would be wrong!  Again we made 6 free throws and only 1 outside shot.  We did outscore TG 8-7 in the 3rd.


By this time most of our depleted team was tired of getting pounded by Goscha and tired of trying to chase down all of TG’s shooters.  TM goes OFER in the fourth and post a goose egg 🥚 on the score board.  TG only scores 7 in the 4th and still beats us by 21.


TM held TG to 14 points in 2nd half.  It’s not for a lack of effort on TM’s part.  TM shoots more shots than any team in both leagues but our FG % is only slightly better than LSU men’s team.  We will continue to shoot again in 3 weeks.


Congratulations to Joey Goscha for making his 1st 3 Point shot of his BRAAS career.  All be it a BANK SHOT from 45 ft at the buzzer.  F@&$!;$&&:’k you!


Goscha – After dropping 3 straight games, Team Goscha came out firing from the outside (Shaheen, Ourso and T. Lato all hit a 3 in the first quarter). This quickly forced Team Mansur to get out of a very tight zone and match up man to man. The change to man gave team Goscha some room around the block and for the first time in my four year BRAAS career I made a 3. The shot was a 35’ bank shot just as the clock hit zero, ending the 1st half. Cooter was overheard complimenting the shot; ”F— Goscha, that Red A–, Bulls—-, lucky a–, Sh—y looking shot”. Then Cooter decided he was tired of Goscha making layups and threes so he took a turn at defending the paint in the second half. This turned into a battle worth the price of admission. I consistently found my way to the charity line but failed to convert the free throws until I was offered a pitcher of Dos Equis by Jason Landry. First free throw good. Jason says; “I’ll get you countless limes” and the second free throw is good. Now the team has a strategy that might get some traction in the playoffs. Promise Goscha beer and limes in exchange for made Free throws. Cooter played as hard as anyone not named Kevin Kelly vs Goscha in this game and he exerted a ton of energy. Kudos to Cooter for the incredible effort and he knows how to deliver a strong meaningful foul.


A recap of the Team Goscha scoring is as follows: (T. Lato 10 points while shooting 2 of 3 from three point land, Ourso 9 points while shooting 3 of 4 from beyond the arc, Shaheen 6 points shooting 2 of 3 from distance, Landry 2 points and he took great quality shots that were right there, Crick 2 points and was a key contributor to the good ball movement and he helped find the open shots, Goscha 15 points leaving 8 additional points on the free throw line going 2 for 10 from the stripe.)


The postgame was sensational for team Goscha with 5 out of 6 making the venue. Someone picked up the tab for team and this resulted in very nice tip for the servers. We enjoyed chatting with Cooter and many others.


Dukes(35) Vs Levesque(24)

Dukes – Hands down this was the best game we’ve played all season, it almost looked like we knew what we were doing out there. TD went from up 4 after 1, to down 3 at the half to up 1 after 3. Everything came together for us in the forth as our shots were falling and our defense really stepped up and held TL to 2 points in the quarter. Great effort from everyone on both sides of the ball lead to TD picking up the W. On to the next one.

Levesque – Hats off to team Dukes. Very fast paced game. Both teams were RUNNING. Team Levesque couldn’t hit shots and Dukes took advantage. Great game


Smith(42) Vs Lambert(26)

Smith – not happening

Lambert – write-up?


Peytavin(38) Vs Kelly(27)

Peytavin – Once again defense set the tone for TP as they held a strong TK to under double digits in scoring in each quarter to secure their 7th win of the season.  As predictable as a sunrise in the morning, Lynn “LJ” Johnson delivered his average of 12 points, 10 boards, and 3.4 fouls in the contest.  He even dropped some dimes along the way, firing a pass off the backboard to a teammate on the other side of the rim for the lay-in.

Steve Henry continues to shut down scorers on defense and sets the tone for TP earning his nickname “The Glove”.


It was good to avenge a loss to TK earlier in the season, but it came at a price, as in Eddie Price, who injured his knee at the end of a fast break.  So far things have checked out well, but he’ll know more once he has an MRI on Tuesday morning.  We are all hoping and praying for no structural damage and rest is what the doctor will order.  We poured one out for you at Walk-On’s EP, rest up brother.


Kelly – we lost