WRITE UPS – Week 2


Dartez(25) Vs Levesque(34)


Levesque came out hot setting the pace for Team Levesque (L) in the 1st qtr. hitting his first 3 shots an taking a 3 point lead at the end of the period.  Team L held off Team Dartez taking a 3 point lead at half, 18-15 and kept a 3 point lead at the end of the 3rd.  Most of the game was a defensive battle or should I say an offensive sh$tshow. Neither team shot well and it came down to free throws and Team L made all there points in the final period from the charity stripe.  The only points from Team Dartez in the 4th was a 3 pointer from Rushing as time expired. Team L played aggressive and were the better team on this given night. I am giving kudos to Barnes as he made clutch baskets just when Team Dartez seemed to be making a move stifling their momentum.  Team L was led by Levesque with 11 points.

Team Dartez did show improvement from the previous week with tenacious defense against an explosive team.  Next week, we hope to improve on offense and reduce the number turnovers and air balls.  That’s right, we probably shot 6-7 airballs and less than 15%.  Reggie Wheeler led
Team Dartez in scoring with 10 points.  A special thanks to Carreras for giving our team a spark as he is probably at 50% nursing an injury. We look forward to our next game and continue improving till the playoffs.



Team Levesque played solid defense all game anchored by great front court defense denying Team Dartez their preferred shots. We were offensively balanced all game. Scott Barnes provided a much needed boost in energy and effort maximizing his time on the court with several steals and 6 critical points when the game got close.


Levesque 11pts

Barnes 6pts

Eues 6pts

George 6pts

St.Cyr 6pts


Ledoux(43) Vs Peytavin(36)


This week saw Team LeDoux use the bend don’t break approach to Team Peytavin young horses and Layne Pitre. Holiday season came into play as team L was missing 2 of its superstar athletes in Box and KC but team P was missing 4 of their 8 and had to pick up a player and that they did with Layne Pitre supplying a good part of the offense with a couple of key 3’s and 2’s. Team P made the first basket but Team L with its sharp shooters jumped out to a small lead and led at the half 22-13. But the third quarter saw Team P get within 3 or 4 with Pitres two big 3’s and Prices 3 and 2. Thankfully their was a 4th quarter and team L was able to finish with a 43-36 victory over a feisty team P. On a night that saw team L’s captain go on a shot missing frenzy….almost went unnoticed because of the sweet drafting abilities of capt L to draft guys that easily took up his slack! Thankful for guys and their relentless effort.


If you’re struggling shooting from 3-point range, just wait until you play Team Peytavin (TP).  Another 7 x 3-pointers dropped against us, as it seems everyone is set up to have a career shooting day when they play TP.  Props to Team LeDoux (TL) for hitting their open shots, and pushing the pace to get our shorthanded team in foul trouble.  Thanks to Lane Pitre for agreeing to some ironman bball, and for making some big shots to keep us in the game.


TP, sponsored by Heritage Pools & Outdoor Living, was down several members this past week:  eye gouge, helping friend accident, sick kid, and out of town plans.  Lance, Eddie, Lynn and Tim couldn’t get that first win without these guys, so hopefully we’ll find our stride when we’re back to full strength.  We’re still knocking the rust off and looking to start our winning streak after the Thanksgiving break.


Mansur(35) Vs Lambert(40)



Both teams playing a little short handed b/c we are playing Basketball 3 weeks earlier than ever before.

Teams came out on fire with team Lambert leading 17-13 at the end of 1st quarter.  Clint Smith and Dave Morel with 5 each led the way.  RHS + 4 scored 9 in the second quarter with Clint, Dave, Kurt Bueche and Joe Pursiful each scored one bucket.  Lambert lost their legs and could only muster 2 buckets.  RHS + 4 took the halftime lead 22-21.

3rd quarter ended in a dead heat @ 30-30.  Both teams playing hard but gassed.  4th quarter was all Lambert with Bueche scoring all 4 of RHS + 4’s points in the final stanza.

Dave Morel scored 12 points leading the way with Kurt and Clint scoring 8 each while attempting way more shots than anyone could ever seam necessary to only score 8 points each.

Oh by the way John Dugas played all 4 quarters for team RHS + 4 and scored 2 points as well.  That’s more playing time in one game than he has played in the last 5 years.  I haven’t heard from him today!  Can someone ride by his house to check on him???   LOL




It seems the formula for Team Lambert to win is for the captain to be absent. A balanced attack got the job done with everyone scoring led By Mulkey Miller and Wells.  It looks like Q1 was a shootout at 17-13. Smith, Morel and Bueche did a great scoring for Team Mansur to force a close game throughout. With a strong 4th qtr from Team Lambert we brought home the W.


Smith(40) Vs Kelly(36)


Smith – no write up  – playing Kevin Kelly will do that to you.

Team Smith beat Team Kelly is a reasonably well played game.  Team Kelly was behind most of the game, took a short lead with about 5 minutes to play, but withered at the end and lost.  Team Smith was lead by Smith (as usual) and Valenti (who did not miss a shot). Team Kelly was lead by David Plaisance.


Team Kelly is not worried about the loss- they’re a bunch of savvy veterans planning to peak for the playoffs.  As usual, Team Kelly lead the way in the statistic that matters most- post game attendance at Walk-Ons.


Dukes(33) Vs Goscha(28) OT



The offense on display in this game set the sport back 30 years at a minimum. I’ll blame the cold shooting on the cold gym and hope we shoot better going forward. Our offense in the first half was slightly worse than embarrassing as we threw up more bricks than any one team should be allowed to shoot. Thankfully John Burke decided to carry us on offense in the first half scoring 9 of our 17 points and giving us a 4 point lead at the half.

Team Dukes then decided to take the 3rd quarter off on both ends of the floor and allow Team Goscha to go on a 13-2 run. Down 7 going into the forth Team Dukes went full Sly Stallone in Over The Top, turned our hats backwards and got to work. We held Team Goscha scoreless in the forth and managed score 7 to force overtime.

OT was the equivalent of watching Timmy and Jimmy fight in SouthPark as both teams were cold, gassed and ready to go home as it was nearly 9pm on a work night! Up 4-2 and needing 1 for the win, Super Dan Cuendet came up with a loose ball and hit Dukes for the game ending 3. Our defense was much improved over Week 1 and having a bench was huge in bringing home the W.



After our overtime loss in week two it’s time to make an announcement. “You have never seen any player in the entire BRAASS play as hard as I will play the rest of this season, and you’ll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season. You’ll never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God bless.”



The Open league guys showed what they’re made of tonight. 22-21 was their superior count at Walk Ons.



TEAM Goscha lost in OT as Dukes hit a game ending three. Team Goscha missed around 15 free throws and shot colder than a dogs nose on a duck hunt. Other than Myself the team played fine but I truly let them down. We were without Grassman and Ourso.



Happy Thanksgiving and may gods’ peace find you all as you share time with family and friends.