Write Ups – Week 3


Lambert(39) Vs Dukes(27)

Lambert – Team Lambert picked up a hard fought win vs Team Dukes. Both teams came out firing and making shots.  Miller, Mulkey and Pitre led the way with strong first halves. Team Dukes had a balanced attack and played good defense.  We had to earn everything we got.  Tullier, Reitzel, Dornier and Bueche all had good games (all scoring between 5-8). After netting ng tied at half Team Lambert had a strong 3rd qtr to pull to a 10 pt lead and kept that till the end.  We are starting to be the walking wounded with injuries suffered by Pitre amd Waitz.  Hopefully they will be  back after quick recoveries.


Dukes – This game was the story of two halves. Unfortunately for Team Dukes, the story was the same in both halves. We couldn’t hit water from a boat. Ice cold shooting all around, nothing was falling. I’ll blame it on switching gyms from week to week (tiny baby Jesus, please let us shoot better this week). With our offense constantly going 3 and out, our defense could only do so much. Wait, wrong sport. Team Lambert knocked down their open shots and just slowly put the game out of reach. We’ll re-group and look to improve this week.


Peytavin(45) Vs Smith(39)

Peytavin – Team Peytavin had a full squad and jumped out to an early lead on a short handed Team Smith, which was playing with 5 players, two of which were subs.  First quarter scoring was led by a man named Lynn (not a woman), and Lance for a 13 – 11 lead at the end of 1.  Page Warde led his team in scoring in the first quarter with 10 points.  The 2nd quarter scoring was big for Jeff Hurst who buried two consecutive 3 pointers from the corner, and Grady Savoie who drained a shot from the left wing.  Those key buckets along with contributions from others gave Team Peytavin a 25 – 20 lead going into halftime.

Ryan Smith and Dominick Valenti each had a big 3rd quarter to help Team Smith outscore Team Peytavin 14 -12 in the quarter and cut the deficit going into the 4th quarter to 3 points.  The 4th Quarter was all about defense with Steve Henry and Eddie Price drawing the toughest defensive assignments and holding Team Smith to only 5 points down the stretch.  A key bucket by Matt Hunt which drew a 4th foul on Ryan was crucial to securing victory down the stretch.  Ryan committed his 5th foul on a charge under the basket late in the 4th quarter.  A pair of free throws by Lynn and a late put back by Lance off a missed free throw ended the game.


Smith – Great game by both teams. Team Smith only had three players so had to pick up two subs. Thanks to Peltier and Burke for playing with us. Lynn Johnson made a bunch of layups in the first half for Team Peytavin as he and Lance did most of the scoring damage in the first half. Hurst also hit two big three for them in the first half. Page Warde kept Team Smith in the game by scoring 10 points in the first quarter. Peytavin kept a slight lead throughout the game but Team Smith tied it up at 39 points with under a minute to go. Peytavin made a free throw to give them a 1 point lead with about 20 seconds left. That is when the refs took the game over. They called a charge on Smith that had everyone wondering if they know the definition of charge or block. That was Smith’s fifth foul so it was 4 on 5 for the rest of the way. As Team Peytavin was shooting free throws, someone on their team said two shots. The ref standing right there didnt say anything to correct him so when the shot went up nobody on Team Smith moved. Lance got a rebound and a layup. While the arguments about the ref saying nothing were going on the ball got slammed down on the floor, the ref said it was an inbounds pass,  which bounced right to lynn johnson who was fouled and got two more free throws and made them both.


Kelly(45) Vs Mansur(26)


Kelly – nothing


Mansur –  Congratulations to Ralph Stephens on making his way back to Legends Basketball after a long battle and everyone is glad to see you healthy.


Unfortunately he made it back just in time to play the hatchet men that Kevin Kelly has assembled.  They bloodied Ralph in the first 2 minutes of play (of course no foul called and never stopped play to get him off the floor).  But I digress!  Welcome back from all of BRAAS.


Team RHS+4 got great effort from everyone in attendance. Joe P and Demo led the way with 11 and 7 points respectively.

Macha is still injured but played courageously throughout.  Ralph finally got the bleeding to slow down and played about half the game.

Duggie played well spelling Ralph and Macha.


Team Kelly got a well rounded game from everyone on his team with DePaul hitting for 11, Peltier 10, Kelly 9, and Roy 8.


We literally never stopped the bleeding!


Levesque(36) Vs LeDoux(44)

Levesque – It started out well but went to crap in the 4th. Lost by 6.

LeDoux –  Team Levesque was missing their captain and almost didn’t need him for game three but the pesky team LeDoux took a while to heat up and has some key 3- pointers from Kenny Carr, Tom Wafer and Dean Esposito and clawed their way back into it and came away with the W. Team LeDoux was missing Neal Fortenberry.


Goscha(51) Vs Dartez(29)

Goscha – As we stumbled out the gates and found ourselves down 0-4 after 3 minutes, I began to wonder; Will we ever make a shot? Where is Grassman, surely, he didn’t lie to me? Then the lid was removed by a single free throw. Then a three and before you could blink the Tim Tebow speech after last week’s loss was churning like a Rocky Balboa flurry vs Apollo Creed. I’m not sure how long one can take a beating, but I do know the match was stopped after 38 minutes. Timeout #1 (Team Goscha found a hidden treasure that was intended for Team Peytavin. Scott Grassman was supposed to be reunited with all his volleyball buddies, but Peytavin took Lynn Johnson first and Goscha scooped up the second biggest guy in the league in Grassman crushing the Ponzi scheme. Peytavin dreams killed, and Scott begrudgingly admitted last night that the Grassman feels greener and happier on this side). The first quarter produced 13 points with every player scoring except Grassman. Timeout #2 (Scott has an issue with time management but now that he’s discovered the greener Grassman he will not miss another second). The second quarter begins with Grassman in the five-man rotation and the magic happens. People began asking who is he? How is this fair to have two guys that large and athletic on one team? Team Dartez wonders will we get another rebound, a shot not blocked or is this game even fair? 25 points at the half to I’m not sure if they scored 10 or less in the half under the pressure cooker Defense of team Goscha. Ourso paced the offense in the second dumping in 7 of his game high 15 points. Timeout#3 (Ourso was out last week as well as Grassman. Team Goscha was beaten with an arm tied behind our backs by Dukes. We will see Dukes again at full strength and see what’s up).

Second half starts with the thunder down under in the game together for the first time. 18 points in the third is almost enough to win the game. Grassman paces team Goscha with 5 in the third. The score is close to 30 points apart, so we settle back into a zone and show mercy to our fellow BRAASS members. The fourth is just nine points but it’s like idling down a jet boat to ensure we don’t foolishly blow a piston. Team Goscha at full strength is a dynasty waiting to happen. The 4th is stopped after just 8 minutes.


Dartez – no write up