LeDoux(47) Vs Smith(37)

LeDoux: Team Smith has a well put together squad so we figured it it would be a great challenge for our team. And it did not disappoint. After telling my team about not committing cheap fouls….yes the captain fouled out. But with 5 mins to go it was a nice break to enjoy the game as a spectator.  Team L didn’t miss a beat (probably performed better) and was able to pull out the “W”. Final score was around 47-37.


Smith: Nothing


Levesque(38) Vs Gosha(24)

Levesque: First and Foremost Team Levesque wished Grassman a speedy recovery after being injured in the 1st qtr. Always hate seeing a brother go down.


The game was a close contest in the first half. TL went on a run in the 3rd lead by incredible guard play. Ringe, St. Cyr and Barnes were pesky on defense and sparked a lot of fast break points. Levesque and Eues traded the dubious task of absorbing Gorscha’s body shots. Really appreciated St. Cyr reminding me to box out after Joey literally trucked me for a rebound. TL hit their FT’s in the 4th to keep the margin +10.


Goscha: The toes that cannot be unseen. As a captain I think we should receive a full medical profile of the prospective players we are picking. Grassman went down about 6 minutes into our match vs The second-best team in our league. This resulted in a complete unraveling of our hopes, dreams, and current/future approach. This is not the story: The story is the lewd photo I received from Grassman shoeless. He can no doubt palm a basketball with his foot, scale the tallest tree, make satisfactory love with 8 of his 10 toes, play any stringed musical instruments, floss, shave, and anything your hands can do his feet can do it better. Thank God that was his Dogs foot covering his candy cane. (See photo of Toes on Facebook BRAASS page.)


After Grassman went down but before Toe picture (BTP) team Goscha just unraveled like a bait caster with a Spanish fly that’s too light on a windy day. After knocking on the door of 60 points a week prior, Team Goscha struggled to score above 20 this week. Corey and Johnathan found the loss of Grassman to their liking and proceeded to take turns pounding on Goscha as if he were their personal piñata. Team Goscha took turns missing shots from every possible distance and angle. The free throw line wasn’t so free and beyond unkind: 2 of 11. Not even a Tim Tebow halftime speech could lift our chins after the loss of Grassman or (BTP). The team is moving on quickly from this night and anxiously awaiting news from Grassman. We’re sending in the photo to Dukes for posting but will also post the photo on Facebook with a get well note to toes! Grassman’s new name in the club will be “Toes” and I’ve reached out to The Guinness Book of World Records.


The night was not a complete loss thanks to Jason Landry. He served pitchers at such a feverish pace that Team Goscha went ahead and named him MVP of the team regardless of the outcome of this season. Congratulations Jason you’re a real man genius.  Here’s to you Mr. Ultra-Server!



Dukes(32) Vs Kelly(42)

Dukes: Another game, another loss. We shot a little better than week 3 but not nearly good enough to pull out the W this week. Team Kelly, aka Team Screen aka Team Patience worked the ball around until they got the shot they wanted. And then, of course, made the shot.

We spread the ball around and had a balanced scoring attack, led by Scott with 11. We’ll look to regroup in week 5 and get this thing rolling.

Kelly:  Team Kelly started out with three trips down the floor and three turnovers. Then things got much better, and crisp passing led to open shots which, at least for the day, were going in.  Balanced scoring resulted in Team Kelly jumping out to an 18-5 lead. Then team Duke came back to within about 10 and that’s how it sort of played out until the end. Duke, Dornier, and Reitzell were the primary scorers for Team Duke.


Roy Johnson and Kelly probably were the leading scorers for Team Kelly, with Keltner and Depaul and Graham also all scoring 6 or more. A good all round victory for Team Kelly.


Missing: Plaisance (sick)


Dartez(34) Vs Lambert(28)

Dartez: Team Dartez finally chalked up a win in this 4th game of the season.  Team Dartez put forth its best effort so far displaying outstanding team ball on offense with great passing and assists.  Larry started it off for us nailing a three pointer and we never relinquished lead with Reggie leading the team in assists with penetration and finding the open man. Tally gave us great minutes as he scored in every quarter.  This was truly a team effort with no one scoring double digits but, with 5 guys scoring multiple baskets.

Team Lambert gave a valiant effort keeping Team Dartez in range but, did not have enough in the tank down the stretch without their leader, Lambert out with the flu.  Team Lambert was led by Mulkey coming out of the gate unconscious hitting his first couple of difficult shots keeping it close in the first quarter and also in the 2nd.  Maddie led his team in scoring along with help from Miller.

It feels good to get our first win, now we are ready to roll.


Lambert: Lockwood’s thoughts:  “It was a game marred by injury, sickness and wife birthday plans……. All before we even took the court.

Down to 4 players and without our fearless leader, Scott Reitzel volunteered to throw up a bunch of bricks and air balls.

It was a physical battle that was close the entire first half with TD clinging to a two point lead.  TL was led by Miller and Mulkey on offense and a ferocious defensive effort by the group of 5.

TD opened up a smal lead in the third and TL clawed back to within two with under a minute to play.  Then Lockwood showed his awesome point guard skills and gave the ball right to Eddie Carreras.

Also pretty sure Reggie needs to be in concussion protocol this week because he got de-cleated by Mulkey!”


Mansur(29) Vs Peytavin(48)


Mansur: Once again we started the game well trailing TP 13-11 at the end of the 1st period.


The Lynn & Lance show was on display early & often scoring all 13 in the first.


Kurt & Clint hit 3’s to keep TM in it.  The 2nd period was a sign of things to come as we scored only 6 in the quarter.  Demo hit 2 driving layups and Cooter made 2 free throws, while everyone else went silent except for the clanking noise of the ball hitting the rim and sometimes just the backboard.


Halftime TP ahead 21- 17.


3rd period started and we continued the brick festival while TP ran faster, rebounded more and made more shots than we did.  They scored 13 & 14 in 3rd & 4th quarters.  TM only scored 11 in the entire 2nd half.


2nd halves have been our downfall so far.  still getting in shape.


Congrats to TP, they beat us both on the court and at the watering hole after.


They had 5 team members at Walk-ons and we had 4.


That’s 9 old timers showing up after the 8:00 pm game.  Nice job by both teams representing!


Peytavin: Team Peytavin wins their 2nd game in a row with a balanced scoring attack and defense.  We continue to build chemistry each week.  Scoring came from Lynn and Lance with 15 a piece, Jeff and Eddie’s 9 and 7 points respectively, and Steve chipped in a basket as well while playing great man-to man defense.  Matt and Grady made key contributions on the defensive end of the floor and rebounding over the duration of the game.  We went into halftime with a 10 point advantage and extended that lead over the course of the 2nd half to 20 points.  The final deficit was 48 – 29 over Team Mansur.