Lambert(25) Vs Levesque(36)


Lambert – no write up

Levesque – This recap sponsored by Madison Mulkey Chiropractic. Need your cervical spine cracked loud enough for an entire gym to hear it? Call Madi for his patented Illegal Screen adjustment. Dude did wonders for me and he will do the same for you


Very physical and defensive style game. Team Levesque used their numerical advantage to push faster tempo leading some buckets. Both teams struggled offensively due to great defensive play.


Kelly(37) Vs Dartez(36)


Kelly – Team Kelly totally dominated the first half, leading 20-7.  Good passing, good defense, and easy victory was at hand.  But, evidently, there are two halves.  Team Dartez came out with Wheeler driving and hitting shots, Rushing and Lowe scoring 3s and reverse layups, and suddenly Team Kelly was behind 29-28.  At that point, Plaisance scolded Team Kelly for acting like a bunch of losers, and the bleeding stopped.  The game ended at 34-34, with Rushing (Dartez) and Johnson (Kelly) both hitting 3s at the end.

Team Kelly got behind in overtime when Wheeler hit another 2, but then a bucket, a DePaul steal and another bucket, and a Plaisance walk-off free throw ended it.  Great game that Team Kelly was fortunate to win.  Have a nice Christmas everyone.

As usual, everyone from Team Kelly showed up for beers at Hooters.  The pitchers were definitely not $5, but it was still good.

Dartez – Team Kelly held a commanding 19-4 lead in the 2nd quarter and in control of the game till Team Dartez settled in and went on a tear with lock down defense and efficient offense.  Larry Rushing made multiple 3s as Team Dartez closed the gap in the 2nd half and actually taking a 3-pt. lead late in the 4th quarter with a 3 pointer by Rushing.  Team Kelly answered with a dagger 3 pointer by Roy Johnson to tie the game leaving Team Dartez one last position to steal a win.  Team Dartez was unsuccessful as the game ended regulation in a Tie.

In OT, Team Dartez made the first basket (2 pts.) with three more points needed to seal the victory.  Team Kelly put the clamps on Team Dartez and scored 5 unanswered points. The final point with a free throw from Plaisance to seal the victory.


Goscha(40) Vs LeDoux(32)


Goscha – with a rare wire to wire win all paced by the hot shooting From Shaheen. Shaheen came to play, scoring a team high 12 points. This was our first time out after losing Grassman and post the toe pick. (Since week 4 write ups weren’t posted see week 4 to understand our inspiration. Grassman essentially threatened a middle toe in our back sides if we didn’t win a championship.) The strategy for team Goscha changed in a flash when we heard Kareem Abdul Ledoux was out. His sky hooks from anywhere anytime no longer a factor so this meant Goscha could nap a bit on defense and sip on his 1 gallon of Chicken water. (Free Tip: Tractor supply has one Gallon Chicken water bottles intended for inverted water feeders available outside and cold when the weather is just right). George Lato wins the commitment award after driving home from the beach to join us. Crick poured in another 10 points and Ourso was like a conductor on the floor. Spacing us, handling the ball, dishing the rock and spectacular defense. Tommy Lato made every shot he took other than a wide-open layup that he felt dirty making. In a post-game interview at Hooters after he took inventory of the staff he said, “I felt bad for the other team as I blew by them”. Great sportsmanship as usual from T. Money. The game was blown with 1 minute to go due to the insurmountable 10-point lead held by team Goscha. Knocking off Team Ledoux felt nice and the upgrade from Walk Ons to Hooters was by far the breast thing that I’ve seen in a while. Tis the season to be merry and Merry Christmas to all! 

LeDoux – Team Tebow (Goscha) brought their A-game and handed Team LeDoux its first loss. Was a hard-fought game I’m sure of as Team L brings it every week. But a lot of holiday festivities came into play this week, I’m sure. As captain, I was not able to make it due to work obligations. Stat sheet shows that Tebow got to the free throw line early and often. Shaheed was able to hit several 3’s also. Hats off to Team G for bringing it. Hats off to my guys as well for playing hard without me. Maybe we will get to see Team G again in the playoffs for a fun rematch.


Peytavin(55) Vs Dukes(36)


Peytavin – TP jumped out to a quick 18-0 lead in the 1st quarter with hot shooting, defense, and rebounding.  The 2nd quarter was more of the same as we went into half up 34 – 8.  Team Dukes continued to battle their way back in the 2nd half outscoring TP 26 to 21 in the last 2 quarters, but ultimately the first half deficit was too great for TD to overcome.  TP was paced in scoring by Eddie’s 11 points, including a 3 ball from way downtown. Hurst added 4 key buckets from the floor, and Parrott knocked down a jumper from the baseline and a free throw to round out the scoring.  It was an inspired effort considering we were shorthanded by the absence of Lynn and Matt.

Dukes – For the second time this season someone on Team Dukes pissed off an opposing player before the tip and said player proceeds to go in dry on us. After giving up 33 to Corey in Week 1, it was Lance’s turn to deliver some punishment. After the 1st Lance had 20 and Team Dukes had 0. Let me verify something here, LANCE had 20, not his team. He didn’t feel like missing a shot and we felt like missing all of them. Things got a little better in the second as we were only outscored by 8. We re-grouped at the half and played much better in the second half. We managed to outscore TP in both quarters but spotting them a 20-point lead in the first was too much to make up.


Smith(48) Vs Mansur(38)


Smith – no write up

Mansur – no write up