Week 6 Write Ups


Goscha(46) Vs Lambert(31)

Goscha: As the cock crowed, I was rolling out of Woodville at 6:30 AM headed for the PARDS and an 8:00 tip. The rain was borderline ridiculous, but the Tundra landed safely at 7:42 AM. Then there was a lull in the action. Around 8:32 the key to the door showed up but before the key our Legends MVP Kerry Busch showed up with refreshments. I stayed after our game and drank my second of Kerry’s delicious Bloody Mary’s along with his premade salad sticks. Nobody complained about standing outside on a Sunday morning drinking bloody Mary’s in the rain. This moment and many others like it are why I love BRASS so much. Kudos to all that made this day happen, Kerry’s generosity and all that give tirelessly to this club. Sincerely thank you for all you do.


The game was typical. We won, Ourso led us with 15 points and some great transition offense. Lato chipped in 9 points hitting back-to-back threes and dumping Team Lamberts spirits at the perfect time. Shaheen added 7 and Crick got 2 pts. Crick played the entire game even though he was not feeling 100%. This is one of those very important moments when you discover a man that puts team 1st and self-second. The refs called a great game and team Lambert will be dangerous in the playoffs. Mulkey, Lambert and Miller all played very well, and they had a very good strategy on both ends of the court. Fortunately, we had an on day shooting the ball from range that helped neutralize their tight 2-3 zone. Our guards forced them to go man, and this opened the paint.


Lambert: nadda


Dukes(34) Vs Smith(50)

Dukes: Another game, another brutal first half shooting performance. 11 points in the first half will pretty much kill your chances at winning no matter the opponent. My guys sobered up at half time and we were able to score the ball but spotting Team Smith a 16 point half time lead was more than enough for them to cruise to victory. Big shoutout to the birthday boy John Burke for hitting 5 three’s in the second half!! Bloody Mary’s are his new Gatorade. We shall regroup and try it again this week.


Smith: nadda


Dartez(32) Vs Peytavin(33)

Dartez: Team Dartez lost another heartbreaker.  This time with a 3-point buzzer beater by Lance Peytevin to win by one point.  Team Dartez went into the game without their #1, #2, #3, and # 5 pick but, picked up Ryan Smith to help against the young guns of Team Peytevin (TP).  With that said, Team Dartez (TD) came out the gate strong with tenacious defense and solid team offense and ball movement.  TD was led early by Jacob Talley on the inside providing key post points.  TD was in complete control of the game at each break : leading by 6 at end of 1st qtr., lead of 7 at half, and lead of 8 to start the 4th qtr.  The young legs of TP came out storming making their first 2 shots of the 4th qtr. but, TD kept them at bay till TP took a one-point lead with 20 seconds left. TD came down on their next possession and Dartez completed a 3 point play with an old fashion and 1 to take a 2-point lead with 13 seconds. TP came down court under pressure and Lance received the ball near the top of the key and nailed a contested 3-pointer as time expired.

This was a physical game as both teams hit the boards hard. TP has a solid team led my Lance with good athletes in Lynn, Eddie and the rest. We looked much older and out of gas in the 4th than TP. LOL! TP outscored TD in the 4th qtr. 13-4 which was the difference in the game.


Peytavin: Total team effort from TP to pull out a victory at the buzzer.  Both teams struggled to shoot the ball, while defense and rebounding was instrumental to keeping the game close.  Team Dartez played a hard fought game and led most of the way.  Key offensive plays down the stretch from Lynn, Eddie, and Jeff made it possible to pull out a win.  Matt, Steve, and Grady played shut down defense which contributed to keeping the game close enough to make plays down the stretch to secure victory.


LeDoux(41) Vs Mansur(26)

LeDoux: nadda

Mansur: Started well with 9-0 lead and did not score another basket until it was 23 – 11.  Ball game over at that point.  Stayed freezing cold from outside and inside missing many layups and 2 footers.  The long layoff took its toll. There’s always next week!



Levesque(42) Vs Kelly(32)

Levesque: nadda

Kelly: Before the game began Coach Kelly said, “We match up well with these guys”.  Unfortunately, they matched up a bit better.  The game was very tight until about midway through the fourth quarter.  Ringe hit back-to-back threes, Levesque hit some nice shots in the lane, Mr.  free throw (Tim George) hit about 10 straight, and it was over.  For Team Kelly, Graham leads all scorers. Team Kelly redeemed itself a little bit with a fine outing at Hooters.