Week 7 Write Ups


Mansur(26) Vs Dukes(60)


Mansur – no write up

Dukes – When two teams who have combined for 1 win on the season get together, you know it’s going to be a good time. It might not be the best basketball you’ve ever seen played, but at least we had fun doing it.

TD held a 2 point lead after the first and we were up 8 at the half. I’m not sure if we really got serious in the second half or if TM said eff it. Either way, we scored a lot. TM, not so much. Regardless, fun was had by all.

We were led in scoring by Dornier with 16. He also brought about 19 people with him to watch the game so not only do we have the scoring record for the season we also have the most fans in the stands. Hopefully some of this game carries over into the rest of the season.



Peytavin(37) Vs Levesque(50)


Peytavin – TP came out in the first quarter with hot shooting and jumped out to a 13 – 10 lead over TL.  The 2nd quarter was more of the same with good shooting by both teams and TL went to halftime with a 3 point lead, 24 – 21.  The 2nd half caught up to a short handed TP, missing 2 starters, when TL outscored them by 10 points in the final 2 quarters for a 50 – 37 victory.  TL used a balanced attack led by Steve St Cyr who had 16 points.

Levesque – Both squads were undermanned. Huge Props to Peytavin who seemingly made every contested shot he attempted. The game was physical and Thundercat was heard chirping, “Rubbin’s Racin’!”


Need y’all to keep Lynn Johnson’s elbow in your prayers. It had a very hard collision with Levesque’s nose and had to be carted off the field.


Smith(53) Vs Dartez(42)


Smith – no write up

Dartez – Team Dartez (TD) notched another loss to a strong, active, young team.  TD had three players available: Rushing, Erwin and Dartez and needed to pick up 2 players to fill out a roster to compete against Team Smith (TS).  TS came out of the gate strong in the 1st qtr. hitting three 3-pointers and taking a commanding 15-4 lead at the end of the period. TD woke up in the 2nd qtr. and  increased their effort and cut into the lead by intermission 23-18.  The 3rd quarter got interesting as TD went on a role with precision passing  and team ball as everyone scored.  The 3rp qtr. was led by Jon Erwin hitting key baskets as TD took the lead late in the qtr. only to be kicked in the gut by Heath Geautreau hitting a three pointer on an out off bounds play with 1 second on the clock.  TS had a 3 point lead to start the 4th qtr.. The 4 th qtr. stayed close as both teams made key baskets but, with 2 minutes left the game TD had to foul to get possessions and TS killed them at the charity strip and won going away.

Although TD is at the cellar of the league with 1 win, we have played a number of games competitively.  This late in the season, we have not had our top 3-6 players play together in any games.  I can only hope we can gel for the playoffs because as of today we have no identity.

TS had well balance scoring led by Ryan Smith with 17 pts (12 pts in the 4th qtr.)  Geautreau – 15, Dominik – 13, Warde – 8.

TD scoring:  Erwin – 11, Rushing – 6, Dartez – 8

TD missing:

Reggie Wheeler (1st rd. pick)

David Lowe  (2nd rd.)

Eddie Carreras (3rd rd.)

Jacob Talley  (4th rd.)

Les Callender (6th  rd.)


Kelly(30) Vs Goscha(20)


Kelly – Team Kelly played a great first half, taking its time finding open shots, then hitting them.  Team Goscha wasn’t hitting and the half time score was 21-8.  In the second half, Team Goscha started to catch up, drawing to within about 5 with Lato  and Crick hitting threes and  Goscha crashing the boards (understatement).  But Team Kelly’s deliberate (perhaps boring?) offense resulted in just enough offense to hold them off.  Most everyone who played for Team Kelly got 5-6 points.

Goscha naturally showed up at Hooters showing the bruises on his hands, as though Team Kelly had really beat him up.  Of course, in reality, Goscha goes through well-planted picks as though the picker was made of Styrofoam, sending them into oblivion.  The bruises on his hands may be from him swatting “little people” into the stands. I will say though, he’s very nice during all that physicality.


Goscha – The keys to beating Kelly pregame team Goscha strategy: Start off fast and don’t allow them to get up and play slow (X). We scored 9 points in 20 minutes to Team Kelly’s 23. Run and score easy transition baskets (0). Pull Kelly away from the goal and post up other players than Goscha(x). Fight thru screens in man to prevent easy baskets (X). Move on offense and set lots of screens to get easy baskets (x). This is the recipe for losing or winning and we lost. Team Kelly was just a better team and more discipline in the strategy envisioned and they executed. The game tightened up at 25-20. Then team Goscha missed every shot to finish the game. Not a single player from either team scored in double digits. The game could have been mistaken at times for a WWE wrestle mania event and hats off to Kelly for handling Goscha in the paint. Of all the players in BRAAS Kevin Kelly is the most difficult for Goscha to assert his will against. He’s a freaking hard worker and I hope to play with him at least once before the end of our BRAAS careers.


Hooters was inspiring to say the least and after all the tough action it was wonderful to have a beer and a few laughs with all our brothers. Congratulations to the better team tonight and onto the next one. Hoping for a smaller court in the future but huge props to those that continue to find ways to get in the games.


Lambert(37) Vs LeDoux(47)


Lambert – Versus Team Ledoux we struggled on offense, defense and special teams. We started off with our patented terrible 1st half on offense, only scoring 10 total pts.  At half we were down by 13.  With the 3 headed attack of Fortenberry, Esposito and Wafer, who scored 17, 14 and 13 respectively, they were too much for us to handle. We did show some fight and cut the lead to just beer 10 several time in the 4th, but in the end it was not enough. Mulkey , Miller and Waitz led our team in scoring and it was nice to get Pitre back in the fold coming off of an injury.  Time for team Lambert to regroup, dig deep and make some adjustments. I trust our guys will get there.

LeDoux – With the captain stuck at work and KC on injured reserve and Box on hiatus, Mr. Craig Ourso’s services were called upon (until Freddie could make it) and we thank him for that effort! But with all that the guys played a heck of a game! The stat sheet showed Team Lambert to be very generous with the fouls so much so that a time out had to be called and second ink pen found to mark up the score sheet. But my guys came ready to play and that they did! Final score 47-37 for the W!