Lanoix 52 vs Faircloth 42


Commish recap:

The first quarter of this game cleared any player on either roster of cheating on their wives with a basketball gym in the off season. Team Faircloth did not address the point guard position in the draft and it was very apparent. Geisman and Pecue were able to knock down some 3’s. Rookie Pratt showed he can break ankles on top of fixing them, splitting Lanoix’s two big men in the paint for a  monster bucket but not enough production from their captain Faircloth (5pts) led to their ultimate downfall. Team Lanoix was impressively able to match the size of team Faircloth. The difference in the game was free throws and bench points. Team Lanoix went 17/24 from the charity stripe with its opponent going just 7/8. They were also able to get massive production in 15 bench points from Buuck (10) and Demsky (5) leading to an easy win.


Moses 50 vs Sumner 60


Moses declined any media statements following the loss.


Sumner recap:

We were short Wells, and Chatelain so we picked up Marcus from team Nelson to have 6 guys. The new rules were a little confusing. Still not sure what’s going on between each quarter. I started shaking hands like the game was over after the 3rd. Been a long year not doing anything and I’m way out of shape for this. Luckily Hoang and Patton were handling the bulk of the scoring for us. Our bigs played well in the paint getting some put back buckets. Marcus was hustling and getting some points in the paint for us. I think they out rebounded us significantly because all their missed shots ended up back out by the 3 point line so they killed us with 2nd and 3rd shot opportunities. We pulled away in the 4th with Patton hitting a few big 3s. Hoang had the floater and baby hook working in the paint and Menter even got a sky hook to fall that I think deflated team Moses. Good first run against a tough team.


Murphy 47 vs Albin 57


Murphy recap:  :crickets:


Albin recap: TA jumped out to an early lead in the 1st and never looked back. TM made significant runs each half to try and cut the lead but it was the defense by Brandon Deaton, aka The Pearce Stopper, that was the difference in the game. Who would’ve thought an older 5’10” former coach could dominate a young 6’6″ college athlete when it mattered…(I did). Solid week 1 performances by T-Murph, scoring 18 for his team, and also sharp shooter Steve Smith. But it was the guards for TA that maintained the lead, including T-Bickem and Lucas Leblanc combining for 27 of 57 total points.


Arcement 44 vs Hebert 50


Arcement Recap:

First quarter score was 6-5 … which is exactly what you’d expect the first quarter of the season to look like. Both teams settled in and the scoring picked up. TA held the lead for most of the first 3 quarters but could never extend it out enough to feel comfortable. TA had a late 3 pt attempt down 2 to take the lead but it misfired. FTs iced it for TH late which was fitting as free throws were the story of the game. TH was 18/24 from the line and TA went 9/13. Pat Walker may have no good knees but he’s got 2 good elbows as he hooked his way to lead TH to the win at the FT line. Tough first outing for TA but felt good about how we played overall on both ends. Scoring led by Ross with 20, PArcement 12, and WArcement with 7.


Hebert Recap:

Team Hebert vs Team Arcement started out  like a typical ancient athlete 1st basketball game of the year. Great defense or piss poor offense? TH goes with piss poor offense!


1st quarter started off with a big 3 from rookie Carter Reed. A few free throws from Helm and Hebert sums up the 1st quarter. At the end of quarter one:

Ross Leblanc 7

TH 6


2nd quarter TA’s captain decided to show TH’s captain how to shoot 3’s! Luckily for TH’s captain, Pat Walker decided to join the party! Halftime score: 20-17 TA


Second half offense picked up for TH. Big contribution for Walker and Helm. Defense held strong and TH was able to pull out the victory over TA 50-44

-Hebert: 6 points (he’s trying to average a triple double this year. Turnovers included)

-P. Walker: 18 points (plus one hell of a big man flop against Linx)

-Helm: 18 points (is there a such thing as a quite 18 in ancient athletes?)

-Nicaud: you sure didn’t look hurt when you were rushing my ass in flag football!

-May: he went too early in the draft! Ruins assist with the best of them.

-Reed: solid on both ends. (Feel the need to be nice to the rookie)

-Hood: hood did hood shit! Derek the Dennis Rodman Hood!

-Hurst: Hurst decided to let everyone on TH  get in better shape this week.


Navarre 65 vs Varnado 60


Navarre Recap:

Team Navarre’s Big 3 leads them to a 5 point win over Team Varnado in the season opener.


The game started with Boo Boo, Aillet and Carbo in mid season form – scorching Team Varnado for 24 points in the first.  Will kept TV in the game with a 10 point first quarter of his own with the quarter ending with TN holding a 24-15 lead.


In the second quarter TV had balanced scoring from Varnado, Guillaume and Mahtook to cut the lead to 4 at the half – 33-29.


TN extended it’s lead in the 3rd with Boo Boo and Carbo leading the way.  Things got tight in the 4th.  TN was unable to land the knockout blow and TV started fouling to trade 3’s for free throw attempts and Varnado, Guillaume and Mahtook all knocked down big 3’s to tie things up late.  With the game tied, TV questionably decided to continue their fouling strategy and Aillet calmly knocked down 2 big free throws and TN never looked back with Boo Boo going 4 for 4 down the stretch to secure the win.


Emmett and the Good Walker played intense defense all game and Tim led the way at Walk Ons.  Aillet led the scoring with 23, Boo Boo right behind him with 22 and Carbo had 19.


Shout out to the refs for a good game as well.

Out – CT


Varnado Recap:

Really tight game between Varnado and navarre. Both teams came out shooting hot with the game never getting beyond a 4 point lead to start. Carbo is apparently channeling his inner wilt chamberlain this year as he lit  up to start the game. Plagued by missed layups and free throws team varnado fell behind in second half. However, a furious  comeback tied the game with just another two minutes left. This was promptly followed by three possessions which consisted of a terrible


Intentional foul, a turnover, and a Varnado three attempt which has 0% chance of going in. Team navarre knocked down  clutch free throws to ice the game. If team varnado can make layups moving forward, we will be in good shape.