Varnado (66) – Arcement (63)

Varnado:  Close game tonight between team Arcement and Varnado. Team Varnado led the entire first half backed by finishing at the rim with Mahtook and Randy. LeBlanc kept his team in the game with a lot of finishes around the rim and in the paint. Both teams had no subs so the second half was played in a much slower pace. Team varnado got very sloppy in the second half allowing TA to come back and briefly take the lead. The arcement brothers definitely caught fire in the second half from three-point land. However, team Varnado finally locked up on defense and was able to finish with a nice run at the end of the game. We plan on doing several wellness checks on Ben Harger this week as he chased around little Arcement all game with no break.


Arcement:  Both teams were down 2 players so it was a classic BRAAS 5 vs 5 matchup. Despite the rules allowing a sub for a 6th man, TV must’ve decided to play it safe this week and avoid a sub altogether. Not a bad move as TV got off to a hot start leading 19-10 after the first quarter. Their lead got as high as 12 at one point but we kept pushing the pace. A big 4 point play by PArcement at the halftime buzzer cut the lead to 35-28.  Eventually the cold air and heavy legs kicked in (for both sides) but we were able to claw back thanks to 11 4th quarter pts by WArcement to help us take a 2 point lead in the 4th. Captain Varnado hit some tough shots late to edge us out as the lack of subs and foul trouble hurt us on defense. TA scoring lead by Ross with 26 and William with 23. Another close loss for TA as we drop to 0-2. We’ve had a 4th quarter lead in both games, just haven’t been able to finish on top. Will be looking for our first W next week.


Davenport (46) – Faircloth (36)

Davenport:  In this battle of the bigs, Team Davenport’s defense absolutely clamped Team Faircloth, holding them to just 7 points in the second half. In a true show of positionless basketball, 6’2 Mossholder led the team in blocks, 6’6 Josh Wells led the team in steals and McKenzie hit a buzzard beater 3. Faircloth and Wilson had a billion offensive rebounds but couldn’t take advantage of the extra scoring opportunities.  Nelson had to play the game with one eye thanks to an injury from Mico’s pregame shenanigans, but it turns out one eye was enough, making four 3 pointers in the 4th quarter to separate and seal the game.


Faircloth:  Team Faircloth Dedicates Second Half to Charity Awareness – After proving they were the better team by taking the lead into halftime, Team Faircloth decided to use the second half of Sunday’s game to launch their “Bricks for Bricks” campaign, helping raise awareness and funding for Habitat for Humanity by missing pretty much every shot in the second half. Special thanks to the officiating crew for helping keep the points scored to a minimum by only calling one shooting foul in the entire second half. Those who pledged 5 cents per missed shot, please make sure to submit your $250 charitable donation by next week.


Hebert (55) – Lanoix (54)

Hebert: Hebert was so happy to go 4 corners out there.


Lanoix:  Refs sucked , we missed free throws late, congrats Team Hebert


Tuqan (48) – Sumner (54)

Haf:  Even Sumner sends write ups.


Sumner:  We came out slow in the first only scoring 7 on some poor shooting. Haf out scored our team in the first by himself. We battled back in the second and third finding holes in their zone for some points in the paint and got to the free throw line a little more. In a tight game we finally hit a couple outside shots to pull away in the 4th with a couple of costly turnovers for team Haf.


Navarre (46) – Albin (74)

Albin:  “I am him” -Albin


Navarre:  Y’all remember NBA Jam when you would start heating up then if you kept heating up you would get “on fire” – Well Albin walked in the gym on freaking fire.  Zone, man, no defense – didn’t matter.  Dude could not miss.  Yes we actually tried no defense a few times.  Mix in Bickham and LeBlanc scoring 9 and 6 respectively (but honestly, it felt like 19 and 16) and you had a blow out.

Boo Boo, Aillet and Carbo had some moments and we crawled back to maybe 12 down at one point but then Albin would just shoot some 3’s or pull up jumpers and it was back to NBA Jam time.

Got the bye week and break to figure some stuff out.  December is for Pretenders.