Varanado (53)  –  Navarre (43)


VARNADO – The opener was pretty exciting this week. Team Navarre and Varnado really went at it. A couple things were established early:

  1. Josh Wilson was going to control a lot of the tempo
  2. Varnado surprisingly had no blocks
  3. Justin Navarre apparently has to beat up a deaf kid to actually get a technical.


Despite the energy he used to kick, slap, slam the ball Navarre and his team played well and had a lead at half. However, the 3s started to run dry and team Varnado clawed their way back to a lead. Tate and Moses hit some big threes along with Jermey Jenny knocking down free throws to really take control. Team Varnado does not play again for 4 weeks so it will probably be safest to have a defibrillator there for playoffs.



Tuqan (62)  –  Albin (52)


Winning streak for Team Haf.


Faircloth (79)  –  Hebert (56)


FAIRCLOTH – Team Faircloth vs team Hebert turned out to be a one sided affair even after team Hebert picked up an overrated Tre Albin for Kyle Hebert. The lead was over 20 at the half with Coogan finishing with 39 (Brett May and Caleb Mckenzie sat court side for this one and both said they’ve never seen a performance like this since they’ve been in the club), Faircloth 25, Robbins 6, and Babin with 5. The second half was every bit of lopsided as the first where the scoring kept piling on for TF. Coach Faircloth pulled Coogan out of the game with 5:30 left in the fourth so he wouldn’t score 50 and went to their other sharp shooter Ryan Babin who couldn’t miss either.  Final score was 79-56.



Sumner (48)  –  Alexander (56)


A basketball game was played.


Arcement (55)  –  Pearce (53)


ARCEMENT – TP played well in the battle of the Arcement brothers – scoring led by their always humble captain and by rookie Arcement – scoring a combined 49 of the team’s 53 in this one. Leading most the way it took a 4th quarter comeback to win this one for TA – who was once again led by Davenport scoring 30. None bigger than those last 2 points at the FT line courtesy of a bonehead foul by Captain Humble himself. Game was tied at 53 with 8 seconds left and an unnecessary reach in foul by Pearce with 2 seconds left gave TA a 1 and 1 to win the game. Davenport goes 2/2 and we escape with a big win. Thanks to sub Caleb McKenzie for being our 5th in this one … but mostly for the videos that came from this game. Pearce was overheard at walkons after the game saying his back hurt from “carrying his team all night” when we all know now its from being thrown to the ground trying to get a rebound from Davenport. Ball (and video) don’t lie.