Hebert (61) – Pearce (50)



Let’s start this recap with the fact that Cody Rico completely violated Team Pearce by scoring 26 points in the paint.  Lucus LeBlanc sat this game out to travel to a remote tropical island, and first-year Captain Matt Pearce abandoned his team to sit in a cold deer stand.  Ryan Allen missed the game for less interesting reasons.  The absence of Matt Pearce made room for his first-round rookie selection, Carbo, to score 30 points on Team Hebert. But since Carbo is 6’8” it is not as special as Cody Rico’s 26.


Team Hebert played well together by moving the ball and staying active.  Hunter “The Geyser” Geisman popped a 3 pointer in the first quarter, displaying again why he is a shooter defenses need to reckon with.  Jason Vick played with heart and showcased his ballhandling and perimeter defense.  Ross LeBlanc, defending champion from last year, impacted the game with a Ben Simmons’ type stat line of 7pts/ 8 rebs/ 7 asst.  Jonathan Menck knocked down two 3s with his eyes closed.  As the going got tough in the second half, Captain Kyle Hebert moved from point guard to shooting guard and got real nasty with it.


Captain Hebert went unconscious and drilled three 3s right into the soul of Team Pearce’s defense.  The polish, conditioning, and team-first attitude of Team Hebert shined brightly, and the fire behind Team Pearce’s eyes faded in the 4th quarter as Team Hebert scored 20 4th quarter points.  Final score: 61-50, Team Hebert.


Pearce – No write up received – a sad state of affairs for the reigning ROY.


Albin (59) – Arcement (57)



Tough game start to finish. We got up 10 early in the 1st and looked to be in control.  Then we had our first of 2 meltdowns in the 2nd letting them back in it to take the lead. We pulled away again in the 3rd to go up 11 after 3 … and then the 4th quarter happened. Let’s just say team Albin had no issues letting the refs know they didn’t like any of the perfectly made calls for the first 30 minutes. Well all that whining paid off because refs swallowed the whistle for the first 7 minutes of the 4th to let them back in it. Not sure what was more sore on Monday morning – Nelson’s arms from getting hacked or team Albin’s voices from all the complaining. But it was fitting that it came down to the end. Albin hit a tough jumper to put them up 1 late. Then we turned it over and had to foul. After making both FTs to go up 3 with 5 seconds left – Arcement made a deep three at the buzzer off an inbounds to tie it up. Only people more pissed than team Albin that this game went to OT was the refs who had to listen to us complain even more.  Team Albin took us down 5-3 in OT to win a BRAAS instant classic. Felt like a playoff game. Hope we get to do it again in March. Until then – I’ll leave this video for Team Albin so they can brush up on the rules.



Albin – No write up received.  Too busy winning ball games.



Navarre (57) – Sumner (67)



Those boys lit it up early against us running constantly off screens. Deaton was up to his usual dirty old man tricks, holding, grabbing, dry humping his way through the game. Randy shot the ball well all game. They tried to play a zone but we (not me included) shot them out of it early. Boo boo missed some shots so he started playing like deaton and got in foul trouble. We moved around without the ball and got some good cuts for layups. My team carried me. Fire station biscuits and gravy were weighing heavy on me. Damon and desselle got out on fast breaks and got some easy buckets for us. Roussel and Hawkins were big in the paint and Freeman got some good looks. We need to communicate a little better on defense and finish more of our looks in the paint. We haven’t put it all together yet but hopefully that will come with being in a little better basketball shape. Still waiting on fontenot to make his first point but at least he has a turnover in every game


Navarre – No write up received.  Captaining is very hard work.


Troullier (53) – Faircloth (68)



Another loss in week 2 for Team Troullier. Team Faircloth came out hitting on all cylinders. They started with a nice lead on some early buckets and never looked back. Team Troullier closed the gap at times throughout the game but just couldn’t catch up.  I think Patton was shooting with his eyes closed and they were still going in. Faircloth just dominated in the paint. Team Troullier showed some hustle but it wasn’t enough and we shot like crap(mostly the captain, me). Team Troullier was missing 2 players, Evans and Boyce. I think once we have our whole team playing together we will start seeing some wins.


Faircloth – No write up received.  Must be planning the 42nd Bash.


Varnado (62) – Tuquan (52)



The night cap came down to two teams each missing multiple starters. This was team Tuqan’s first game so they have not felt the wrath of full LSD court spacing yet. Game started quick with multiple threes from both teams. Wells started quickly with passes from Haf but team Varnado was able to keep pace. Towards the end of the first half Umet (last round pick) stepped up with big assist and several made jump shots to give Varnado the lead at half. The second half team Tuqan transitioned to man defense but were not able to keep up with the post play. Though Haf had streaks of hitting a few threes team Varnado, lead by Brad Moses, was able to knock down free throws to ice the game. The second half was highlighted by a Kevin Tate and Jason Wells yelling match which the referees chuckled at.


Haf – No write up received – First game, he gets a pass.