Arcement (55) – Faircloth (59)


ARCEMENT:  This primetime matchup (played at 8 am) between the current 1 and 2 seed at the break lived up to the hype. It was battle of contrasting styles – TF playing to their strength and posting up the twin towers Coogan and Faircloth vs TA’s league leading 3 point shooting. Both teams did their thing in this one as TA made 10 3’s – 6 from Arcement and 4 from Smith – and TF kept going inside led by their captain scoring 31 as he tried to keep pace with the overall scoring leader Davenport who added 18 in this one. Despite awful FT shooting by TA we somehow held a 7 point lead going into the 4th. Unfortunately just like our 1st loss this year we went ice cold in the last quarter. Patton’s morning coffee must’ve kicked in after the 3rd, because after a rough start shooting in this one, he added 4 threes in the 4th – none bigger then the one to put TF up 3 with 12 seconds left. Down 3, TA designed a great out of bounds play to free up the unlikely hero Treglia for a wide open shot … under the basket for 2. We fell just short of handing TF their first loss. Not the way you want to start your Sunday. Hopefully TF goes undefeated and gets the 1 seed. Nothing bad has ever happened in BRAAS history to teams who do that. They deserve it after this one



FAIRCLOTH:  It was a showdown of #1 vs #2 according to the standings (they don’t belong on the same court as us honestly) at 8 am….both teams played hard defense the entire game with a lot of back and forth lead changes….team faircloth got up by 8 points twice and then had to come back from a 7 point deficit later on. Davenport and arcament had 18 points. Faircloth led all scorers with 31, Brantley had 14 with 4 big three pointers in the 4th quarter (he was 1-15 in the first three quarters). Down by three with under 5 seconds left Treglia (genius) decides to make a two point basket instead of going for the tie and faircloth hits two free throws to ice it. The score was a lot closer than it needed to be and team faircloth look to right this wrong in the playoffs and beat the shit out of them.


Pearce (54) – Tuqan (44)


No write up from either team provided.  Pearce appears to be doing work out there, which will probably send 41 into retirement.  Sad.


Alexander (84) – Varnado (63)


No write up provided from either team.  (1) – if my team scored 84 points I’d provide a write up.  (2) If my team gave up 84 I would not provide a write up.


Hebert (55) – Troullier (62)

HEBERT – No write up provided.



TROULLIER:  Team Troullier got its 1st win against Team Hebert even though we only had 5 players. We finally played like we know we could and moved the ball well. We had some good lead throughout the game but Team Hebert fought back a few times to make the game close. As Ryan Evans said “ we’re undefeated in 2023!”


Albin (47) – Navarre (57)


ALBIN:  We were not good at all.  Boo Boo is still trash, but the rest of his team played really well together and they put it on us.


NEVARRE:  Team Navarre – Held the great Brett May scoreless……nuff said


Also, Menter = DPOY