Pearce 67

Sumner 43


Sources say Team Pearce is still out celebrating a blowout win against the Sumner-less team Sumner. Is 35% from the FT line good? Asking for Matt Pearce.


Alexander 33

Faircloth 62


Alexander:  Alexander wasn’t there. Where have I heard this before?


Faircloth:  It was a matchup of the #1 vs #2 teams for the second week in a row for team faircloth (each team missing a starter. Alexander and patton were out)…the game was over when the referee handed the ball for the first inbound play with 10 min left in the first quarter as TF jumped to an 11-0 lead and never looked back. TF came out hot shooting and TA couldn’t find any offense only scoring 33 total points (24 points from team pearce is still the lowest points scored in a game this season). Faircloth had 20 and Coogan had 18.

Team faircloth looks ahead to next week with a 6-0 record headed into a showdown with arguably the worst team in the history of Baton Rouge ancient athletes society in team Pearce. Get there early it could be over quick.



Hebert 69

Haf 62


Surely this can’t be. I left the gym with team Haf up over 20. OUCH! Maybe the Kyle Hebert from 3 years ago has finally returned!


Albin 42

Varnado 52


Albin: This game started out pretty tough to watch as both teams combined for 14 total points in the first quarter. Team Varnado came out in the second on fire, scoring 21 points to Team Albin’s 13. The second half continued to work in Team Varnado’s favor as they took advantage of the opportunities at the free throw line and created a comfortable lead throughout the fourth quarter. Nice overall team Win for team Varnado.


Navarre 66

Troullier 38


The nightcap was a snoozer. Team Troullier was missing their captain, and former MVP Walker went down early to make things worse. Rookie James Blakeman knocked down (4) 3s, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

Since Blake Eaton’s return no one has been within 10 of Team Navarre. I think Boo Boo just scored another snow bird layup.


**Thanks to the MSC for providing commentary for those who couldn’t**