Week 8


Troullier (57) – Albin (67)


Troullier:  We started off the game with a little lead against team Albin but it wasn’t long before they took they lead. It was a battle both ways. Team Albin had a good lead on us in the 4th and we cut it to a 1 point game. In the end I guess team Albin was too much for team Troullier or maybe the refs were too much for us. Hard to tell but I’m not complaining. On to next week.



Varnado (72) – Hebert (46)


Varnado:  Solid win for team Varnado. Team Hebert was short on players and picked up sharp shooter Brett May. Game started off with plenty of scoring including Brett knocking down some threes. Though he started off hot he eventually faded into oblivion. Brad Moses put on a show in the first half scoring from all places on the court. Though the full court press from Lucas Leblanc and Hebert did cause some intermittent stress eventually team Varnado built a nice lead by half time. The first half was capped by an unbelievable athletic block by Will Varnado on Lucas Leblanc (please disregard Lucas getting the ball back after the block and sinking a fadeaway buzzer beater).  The second half wore down team Hebert with no subs available. Continued rebounding and 3s were able to end the game via mercy rule. On to the next one.


Tuqan (46) – Alexander (64)


Haf, Alexander, and Murphy are still discussing what a foul is and isn’t in the Open league. Team Alexander won the game.


Total number of games with Haf’s team having their top 5 is holding steady at 1.



Faircloth (33) – Pearce (43)


The only way this game would have been lower scoring is if Pearce (36.8%) challenged Coogan (35.3%) to a free throw contest. Pearce must have used all his jokes at Walk On’s after the game and had none to give for a write up


Sumner (54) – Arcement (67)


Arcement:  Ugly game for us coming off our bye week (still more entertaining than the letdown of the “matchup of the week” between Pearce & Faircloth). TS played well without their captain in this one but only had 5 players to our 7. TA was without their captain for the first half due to being old and straining his calf 2 minutes into the game. Thankfully first overall pick Davenport kept the ship afloat scoring 29 to lead the way for us and keep us in it. A big 3rd quarter for TS helped them pull away to a 9 point lead going into the 4th but early into the last quarter Lipari got caught reaching and picked up his 5th foul. Now down to 5 vs 4, TS had no chance. TA pulled away and cruised to a 13 point win. Despite the new court (again) we still found a way to hit 16 threes and score 67. Steve Smith and Pecue each chipped in 3 threes, while Tregs Linx and Harger played great on D to keep us in it until our big 4th quarter.