REMINDER – Volleyball Family Night is Sunday August 1st at Mango’s.  Load up the crew and come enjoy the fun.  Burgers and hot dogs will be available until we run out.  Drinks are on you.  

League Play starts at 6 PM

All Star Games start at 8:30 PM (Immediately after league play)

ADDED BONUS – The highly anticipated Year 41 shirts will be available for pick up.  Come and get em.



A League

Team Evans – Ryan Evans, Scott Sumner, Chris Mckee, Danny Sumner

Team Black – Nate Black, Tim Bourgeois, Sean Murray, Robert Montgomery

Team D’Amico – Ryan D’Amico, Brett May, Caleb Dixon, Matt Brown

Team Coogan – Kevin Coogan, Jonathan Levesque, Thomas Crifasi, Jeremy Jenny

B League

Team Shockey – Bill Shockey, Danton Alexius, Casey Cubbedge, Drew Danzy

Team Dornier – Ryan Dornier, Jody Tullier, Charles Hawkins, Tyler Pecue

Team Parrott – Tim Parrott, David Jagot, Dean Esposito, Billy Stout

Team Barbay – Bill Barbay, Tim George, Ray Leblanc, Chad Polk


First round, games will be played on court 1 and court 4 at the same time. First round games will be 1 game to 21 or 25 TBD. Court choice (1 or 4) will be determined by coin flip.  Winners advance to play winners. Championship will be 1 game to 21 or 25 TBD.

The Matchups: 

A League

Team Evans vs. Team Coogan

Team Black vs. Team D’Amico

B League

Team Shockey vs. Team Barbay

Team Dornier vs. Team Parrott