We closed out the volleyball season last night with family night and the A and B league All Star games. Thanks to everyone who hung around and watched as well as the people that helped make it happen. DJ Menck and Dixon McMakin provided music and commentary and two incoming rookies, Alex Edward (excellent sponsor) and Lucas Hahn volunteered to help ref.

We’re working on the brackets for playoffs on Wednesday and I’ll send them out when they are done.

Recaps from the winning teams below:


Team Coogan:

Team Coogan opened up the all star game against team Evans which started out back and forth for the first half of the match and then a few big blocks by Levesque on Evans turned the match around…..In the championship game team Coogan faced off against team Mico. The game was close the entire time with neither team having more than a two point advantage through the game. Coogan at one point one handed blocked Matt Brown to show why he’s the #1 seed and Brown will always be #2. The game came down to the final two points with a 25-23 win for team Coogan.

Team Shockey:

 In the semis last night, after ample trash talking, Team Shockey (Alexius, Danzy, Cubbedge and Shockey) took on Sasquatch and the rest of Team Barbay (Barbay, George, LeBlanc and Chad Polk).  Cubbedge got the serve to start and did not disappoint, staking Team Shockey to a 5-0 lead from which Team Barbay never recovered.  With on-spot passes one after the other from Cubbedge a/k/a “The Human Vacuum Cleaner,” Danzy found out how much fun setting can be.  Alexius smashed one after the other into Team Barbay’s court and threw in a few change of pace shots as well to keep the defense off balance.  Shockey mostly stood off to the side and did what he does best— yell “Boom Shocka Locka Locka” and revel in how good a team he picked.  Team Shockey won going away 21-10.

            The finals were a war.  Team Shockey was pitted against Team Dornier (Dornier, Tullier, Hawkins and T. Pecue).  It was back and forth the whole set long, no more than 3 points separating the teams at any point. Hawk was a monster, crushing his cross-court shots all set long.  Early on, Alexius had a harder time putting his hits in the sand than in the semis as Team Dornier was digging ever’thing.  But, Cubbedge was too and his consistently good passes led to Danzy’s consistently good sets which gave Alexius the opportunity to slice and dice Dornier’s defense late in the game. The “old guy” chipped in with a good pass or dig  here and there as needed.   Team Shockey got the points when they needed them at the end,  in a “nail biter,” 25-23.